Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's worse than a mosquito?

. . .a low flying helicopter! The last race of the JJ was quite eventful and the helicopter who caused a bit of the chaos: caught it all on film . . .a bit bitter sweet to say the least!

Oh, we had a rig break at the base on a mark rounding, broken bow sprits, a center board which lost a battle with a reef (the skiff was at top speed when the grounding occured!). . .hmmm a few other little boggles which lead to a steady stream of boats prematurely returning. Ahh . . and the weather. It was stink! The general feeling was at any moment, the skies would open up or the wind would go dead calm and than . . SLAP . . hard on . . and the damn shifts. It was a most interesting race.

Team GE . . . the photographer captured it best: ear to ear grins around the entire course. They ended on a fantastic note with a solid 15th out of a fleet of 32, did not break anything and no swimming. There is nothing better than ending a regatta with good, solid and clean race. (They are currently enjoying a nice cold beer as I type . . .which is apart of the SailTrim post race recovery plan!)

It's time to clean up and ready ourselves for, what I hear to be one excellent party at the 18footer league club house where I will rightfully hang my "SailTrim Hat" outside the door and enjoy an adult beverage with my team.

This was an amazing event and the folks who run the Double Bay Sailing Club . . .my hat's off! Thank you for the excellent race side accommodations, phenomenal pies and lovely tales of skiff sailing past. If I did not have reason to return to the Northern Hemisphere, I would have loved to stay and play a bit longer.

Fair Winds ~ Jenn

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Summer storms . . .

. . . Double Bay was a glow last evening. Thankfully, mother nature's display did not roll through till after the prize giving. As the daylight bid us farewell, the flashes of purple, red and orange timed with long rumbles of thunder; proved to be the ultimate prize for the day's events.

With regards to sailing, we had normal conditions for a Saturday; with the usual boat traffic (sailboats of every size, ships and tankers) . . .shifty breezes . . .and race course chaos due to an untimely on the water visit by Dick Cheney (if Americans wonder why we are not properly received while visiting other countries, it may be, when our leaders drop in for a visit, they disrupt a countries favorite pass time and life. . . creating traffic delays . . .I think you get the point).

At any rate . . .back to sailing! Our guys were a little worked over yesterday . . .the skiffs can humble the best of character! You have to take the whipe outs, bruises and frustration and use it to motivate self to be better and move forward. The team really loves being here: the high level of play and the opportunity to grow as sailors. So . . I keep the smile on, band-aids in hand and ice in large supply for the "foul weather" days.

Despite the bruises . . . of all the days; yesterday's tales of on the water aerials and acrobatics was the most colorful thus far! There was a bit of swimming and gravity defying acts. . .standing on shoulders . . .flying around forestays . . .how's the mental image coming along? Are you ready to sign on for a ride?

We have one more day of play before we pack up the boat, clean out the flat we've called home and prepare for long flights to the Northern Hemisphere Monday (however, SailTrim heads to Melbourne next). We will do some feel good physio before they head out, they've all been well fed by Jenna our chef and will soon be heading down to tinker one last time on the boat before heading out at 2:30pm our time for one last ride.

For me, the brunt of the work has come and gone. Our final hours together have been and continue to be planning for the next event. SailTrim will be visiting the team in April for a few meetings with hopes to return to the UK for a lengthy stay to train the team and travel through Europe. It's all a rough draft, however; the newsletter can be managed from anywhere in the world and the sailing overseas calls to me strongly.

So now blogging has become more of a "routine" for me, hope you have all enjoyed the "ride" this past week and hope you'll stick around for continued tales from my trip to Melbourne and then onto Miami for Premiere's Acura Miami Race Week. The later should be a hoot, since I will be racing with hometown Mumm folks and tales from the rail are always a treat (at least my father seems to enjoy!).

Fair Winds ~ Jenn

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Light breezes, clear skies . . .

. . .a perfect day of rest for the crews. However; myself, team photographer, our web designer and skipper are busy catching up from a busy week of running about. We did have a lovely team breakfast (chef's day off too!) and a nice walk about town in the earlier hours before the southern sun's rays kicked in to high temps! In addition, a little bit of physiotherapy on our main trimmer who's lower back and hips where a bit achy after yesterday's longer session on the water . . .he is properly resting on the beach with girlfriend and our chef!

I have been pulling together excellent editorial for the March newsletter and should be a great read: both informative and entertaining, primarily due to the input our guys would like to add in from their experiences and having a professional photographer as a flat mate! They have great feedback for the community as a whole, from the perspective of a working professional who carries high aspirations in the competitive sailing scene . . . maintaining a few non-sailing life interest (oh family . . . under water basket weaving) and the balances in future preparation for such a top level sporting event. I think the readership will thoroughly enjoy!

For now . . .the team recovers from last night's regatta party at the Rag and Fammish (the oldest hotel in ALL of Australia) and plenty of sailing. Till tomorrow . . . . fair winds!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like a fishy . . .

. . .my boys went swimming early on in the race yesterday. It was bit of a somber day. This morning the guys were a bit "stiff" and requiring more physiotherapy (stretching and range of motion) over massage therapy with tight glutes, hamstrings and lower backs. I will do a little bit different program with them after they rig up the boat and head out, a more dynamic stretch/warm up session for about 8-10mins.

Otherwise, we are holding up, going to get them out earlier today for on the water warm up before race sequence . . . more food for the longer session on the water (our chef has been OUT OF THIS WORLD!) and hydration . . hydration . . hydration . . .it's like a game of chess ~ always stay three "sips" ahead.

We are on a lay day tomorrow from racing and will do a more comprehensive review of the week later tomorrow ~ fair winds and stay tunes!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A peanut butter and jelly day . . .

. . . but not quite a snickers. Today's challenges finally did not include big breeze, heavy bay traffic, untimely ferries and tankers . . .instead very heavy outgoing tide! Oh but we did awake to the arrival of the largest cruise ship Queen Mary at 6 am this morning with a full enterage of boats, helis and sware half of Sydney!

At any rate, with the strong tide it was amazing they got up to the line and a few windward beats seemed to never end, however the downwind was hot and heavy! I went out on the spectator boat today and what a lovely race to watch with the most exciting finishes.

The boys benefited well from the lay day, each had full physio in the morning and all have finally picked up the concept: hydration is a cummulative deal . . . it's taken a week of hand delivering glasses and bottles of water to have them asking before they even get thirsty! Yahoo! Oh and they ate their peanut butter and jellies before having to be told . . . very pleased with my team. . .indeed.

The end result was a strong comback after a deeper than preferred start off the line. They ended with a strong 11th, the repaired boom is still holding and they are having a blast! More to come . . .

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh man. . .

. . .I can only imagine what its like to send your child off to school, summer camp etc. Yesterday, after the boat was back together again and the team sailing off: my stomach was in knots! I had to use the rest room the entire length of the race (3 general recalls did not help matters), however, to tear my eyes away from the binoculars seemed sacrilegious at the time. I wanted all my positive energy focused on them having an uneventful race (nothing breaking!).

As the day came to a close, the area shops and cafes had begun cleaning up from the weekend crowds; our guys sailed back in with a respectable 14th. We were happy. The evening was well enjoyed with a later than normal evening due to our "off" day today. SailTrim even enjoyed a few adult beverages!

What do I prescribe for campaigns on their non-sailing days of a long regatta . . .a day at the beach of course! The entire crew, shore and even photographer headed off to Bondi Beach for some much needed down time. It was lovely!

We are now getting our heads back into the game, working on race reports for media and websites . . .laundry . . .and tactical chatter has returned. I am quite pleased with how the guys have been feeling physically and mentally. This has been a rewarding event, seeing the benefits of regular attention to the crews' health and well being on and off the water is wonderful.

On the edge, sailing hard and having fun seems to be a theme of this class . . .SailTrim is really enjoying the18 footer world . . .

We return to racing tomorrow . . . fair winds ~ Jenn

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ouch . . .

. . .nothing more painful then when the guys leave the beach feeling great, to have them return early because of broken hardware. They were sailing in good form and playing the upper 3rd of the fleet when their boom failed under compression and had to retire. The attitude, though mildly bruised, was excellent and once a few beers were passed around (on these days SailTrim knows best to be supportive in other means ~ call everyone you know in town who plays with carbon!) folks were working on a solution. By night fall the boom was being dealt with and this morning some final work should have them rigged, in their kit and off sailing.

The plan today from shore crew's perspective is to keep them feeling good (hydrated, fed and not likely a full physio session but maintenance work while materials set on the boom). As a support crew you have to keep a good attitude and be willing to change the plan as it will best serve the sailors best interest for a good race . . . we are there and it will be a good day today!

It's a beautiful morning and SailTrim is thinking a light run while the sun is cool would be nice. Stay tuned . . .there will be a post race entry today!

Friday, February 16, 2007

High Energy . . .

. . .good breeze for the invitational race. Our day began with the boys getting their AM physiotherapy sessions with massage. The hydration factor was good, they could have eaten more, however if one could had witness the scene pre-race . . .intense energy. . . the fact they ate at all kept me happy. Though full credit goes to our chef who literally "hand fed" the guys as they rigged up the boat . . .in a bikini!! Ha ha . . .good times for Team Aeon in Sydney!

We had a nice day of sailing yesterday, though two capsizes made for a deeper than preferred finish, the cause of capsize and quick recovery had the boys returning in very good spirits. Their preparation definitely gave them the readiness needed to pick up and get back into the game and work back up into the fleet. They were also greeted with two bikini clad gals who fed them orange slices! One can not treat the physical alone. . .it's a mental game out there and the team agreed having the training, being well fed, hydrated and happy joints and muscles made for a great day.

Our plan . . . to make the above an everyday occurnace minus the capsizing (smile). The story continues today . . .

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I dream in speed . . .

. . .the skiffs are all here and today is day 1 of the 18footer worlds. After a few days of training on the bay, Team Aeon is looking and feeling good. We spent the evening watching video of past events and the boys are ready to get on the water today . . .especially since there is some nice breeze at the moment. The racing does not get underway till later this afternoon, however, the bay is extremely inviting to those who dream to speed across it's waters.

We have a great campaign down here and under the GE Commercial Sponsorship hope to hang strong against the Australians. Our team, though young in the class, has a great track record finishing their 2006 season number 2 team in both the European and UK circuits . . . time to step it up!

More to come . . .

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Southern sun and cool breezes...

... is what I was greeted with as we flew into Sydney yesterday. After an uneventful trip across the country and Pacific Ocean; SailTrim was warmly greeted. I was able to meet up with the Aeon crew very shortly afterwards at the 18footers league where their helmsman Mason Woodworth was working away.

It's apparent I am more jet lagged than I give credit, for typing this entry is taking a bit of effort.

The Aeon "boys" made it out for a nice session yesterday and are readying themselves for one this morning where we will start them into a routine of daily warm ups and address their aches and pains as we go. I am quite excited about the opportunity to dive into the world of skiff racing and all the dynamics placed on the physical being to sail these amazing boats. The video from yesterday's session was extremely educational, my head was dreaming up more exercises to help them condition their bodies for the acrobatics of this form of sailing. In addition to where these guys will need the most attention when they hit land to recover . . . a supply of ice will be apart of that list. . .

Tis time to head to the club, prep boat and send them off for their first session of the day well fed, warmed up and nicely tuned!

It is my intention to keep this blog updated daily, so stay tuned for more tales from the shores of Sydney!

Fair Winds,

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The adventure begins . . .

SailTrim is on her way to Oz . . . (actually waiting to get underway, boarding starts in about and hour)

I had intended to have the Blog updated, website updated and the test vol.2 newsletter before heading to bed last night, however, it is amazing how many little things need to be attended to when you are leaving the country and not returning to the "home base" for . . . a month. So, we will have the additional details attended to by arrival in Sydney (Feb13th).

SailTrim would like to put out there a special thank you to her trip sponsor and one of SailTrim's top professional supporters; Ed Furry of Sail22. I have had the pleasure of sailing with, working (if you need a good ear for sorting out creative ideas . . .Ed is the man for the job!) and enjoying a nice cold rum drinkie after a day of sailing.

Sail22 is ran by Ed Furry, a professional sailor, sailing coach and campaign manager (providing support to some of the industry's top teams in race boat management). He is a great asset to sail with; very mild mannered on the boat (no screaming from him!), always a smile even when time is short and 50 things need to be done (he always gets it done) . The most impressive moment to date, something I think all those race boat owners should pay note to when looking for someone to manage their boat is when something does occur that could end your regatta and how it is handle.

During Mumm Worlds our boat was "rear ended" and popped the seem from the deck to hull requiring us to retire (you could see out from the inside) . . it was day 1 of racing! We already had a plan in place, start working on it and the boat ready to race again by sundown! Ed Furry was our "boat manager" and with team work from a few other guys in our crew who had great talents: the job was done and we "sailed on".

Ed knows what it means to build something from nothing and his partnership with SailTrim has not only been appreciated, but simply a pleasure. When building your own business, surrounding yourself with supportive friends, family and "crew" is a must! It is also important to show them gratitude, even though it's known.

So, while I am figuring out how to bring Ed back a Kangeroo (his only request from Oz!), stay tuned for regular reports from Australia and the progress of Team Aeon.

Oh and a special thank you to my Key West sponsor . . another Ed (ha ha) from OceanRacing. . .I travel with his duffel bags and they are a BREEZE to get around the airport with! Since I am living out of them for the next few weeks . . . seemed important to show my appreciation.

Well, we board in a little bit . . . to be continued . . . LBJ

Friday, February 02, 2007

Upcoming Changes to Newsletter


The February newsletter is slowly making it's way through the virtual world and with today's Spam Filters the kick backs trickle through: my cue it's time to upgrade how I design and deliver it. As I sail towards my 1 yr anniversary with an idea that started as a little note to my local sailing club members; has grown to global circulation and a need to be globally accessible!

With the growth has come more feedback and ideas, which in turn has lead to a long list of editorial topics. This is all wonderful, though the current format is not the most efficient approach to delivering the level of information I care to share with all of you.

In addition, there has been good critical feedback and I will be better suited to address: forward and printable and how it's posted on the website for future viewing or referring back to. All of these concerns will be addressed with the March issue. I anticipate a test run mid February, which will include some of the meatier cardiovascular related information I did not cover in the current issue.

When bringing together the science and how it relates to our sailing interest; there truly is a great deal of information and I look forward to creating a better method of delivery, keeping it simple and enjoyable for the reader. Finally a friendly reminder: this is "your" newsletter and I welcome hearing from everyone whether it is a concern, question or request.

The intention for SailTrim is to be a permanent resource to the sailing community and will change and adapt however necessary to be the best resource to reference for all things health, fitness and wellness related!

Thank you for reading ~ Fair Winds,


Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Prerogative!

There is something to be said in being your own editor and publisher ~ the power to change with no debate.

For those readers who are on the ball, you may recall this coming issue was to cover Lactate Threshold training and a few other related topics. However, in keeping with the "hearty" theme of February, I've chosen to push back the original editorial topics to March and cover some thoughts to a healthier heart for sailing.

This month SailTrim will be heading down under to Sydney, Australia to support the newly named skiff team: Aeon as they go for top honors at the JJGittinan Skiff Championships.
From there will return for Miami SORC to race with my hometown Mumm30 crew on "Kiazen".

Stay tuned for entries on my experiences working with my skiff campaign, Australian adventures and what it's like sailing on a boat that won worlds . . . no pressure . . .

Fair Winds,