Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's not the Tour de France a la Voile...

...but Mystic Mudhead Midnight Madness Regatta on a Mumm30 will be a little New England teaser for this gal! Hmmm...knew there was a reason not to hide my warm fleecy wear...maybe summer in New England but it's going to be chilly and wet!

Regardless, we have a great line up of crew...full report to be posted Sunday.

Till then there is regular video footage posted on the Tour's Website for all you Mumm30 junkies!

(posted 12July07)
It was madness and my full write up WAY to long to post....we took line honors and overall ~ Fantastic for a night full of fun from riding waves, weaving through lobster pots, endless display of fireworks, a red moon, beach fires that lit our way around Block Island...a green fireball of a shooting star...I kid not! The best gorp and brownies one could hope (thank you Vicki!) for an on the rail past midnight energy boost...when the absolute "quietness" concerned me that our crew were fast asleep...but not...just enjoying the ride...flying an A-sym on a Mumm30...about time I say! more lobster pot we were so lucky as we cut through groups at a time, however with so much energy and focus on which red blinking light on the horizon marked our all just worked out.

It was an excellent night of sailing ~ thank you guys!