Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A peanut butter and jelly day . . .

. . . but not quite a snickers. Today's challenges finally did not include big breeze, heavy bay traffic, untimely ferries and tankers . . .instead very heavy outgoing tide! Oh but we did awake to the arrival of the largest cruise ship Queen Mary at 6 am this morning with a full enterage of boats, helis and sware half of Sydney!

At any rate, with the strong tide it was amazing they got up to the line and a few windward beats seemed to never end, however the downwind was hot and heavy! I went out on the spectator boat today and what a lovely race to watch with the most exciting finishes.

The boys benefited well from the lay day, each had full physio in the morning and all have finally picked up the concept: hydration is a cummulative deal . . . it's taken a week of hand delivering glasses and bottles of water to have them asking before they even get thirsty! Yahoo! Oh and they ate their peanut butter and jellies before having to be told . . . very pleased with my team. . .indeed.

The end result was a strong comback after a deeper than preferred start off the line. They ended with a strong 11th, the repaired boom is still holding and they are having a blast! More to come . . .

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