Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Bites Return Late 2010

The "BoatBites" have been barely a nibble... it's been a busy Summer! What can I say, except all those "robots" posting Chinese or Japaneses or whatever language it is, seriously, go post your "comments" elsewhere!

The "bites" will return when I return to Europe in the Winter to keep tabs on my dear friends Nicola and Ryan Breymaier. If you haven't been reading, and since I've not been writing, it's a decent chance you may have missed my passion for the Barcelona World Race and Ryan's entry.

This blog will regain some life when I hop on the plane to Spain later this year. Till then, please follow Ryan's journey! He has one sweet title sponsor, which will be something to write about! An American sailor with a solid sponsor?!? You can name those on one hand!

Fair Winds!