Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lovely Days at The Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Boston

Yesterday was chilly, however the Harbor breeze made for an excellent day for a sail. Ericsson was out and about doing courtesy cruises.


We had a steady stream of youth programs in the afternoon.


While Puma's Moth Team offered up sailing clinics for area college sailors.


They topped off the evening with an event at Puma City to illustrate what's hot in sailing.


During the day, we see a steady stream of guest.


The Harbor Walk is never quiet as people mill about all day long to watch the guys work on the boats and rigs which are literally laid out along the path.





Behind the scenes all are getting ready for the In Port and Pro Am races. The teams are preparing the boats and we are working on logistics which ensure a good weekend of racing gets off.

This is the first time I've been so involved with the Race Management and turning into an incredible learning experience. A lot to consider, for example, this is a shipping port and sometimes very large ships make for an interesting day. Especially when it's one so heavily regulated as the Liquid Natural Gas Tanker!!! This beauty almost coincided with Green Dragon's arrival the other day.


It's been a lovely stop-over thus far, even with the yo-yo weather (hard to dress when it's 90 one day and below 60 the next!) There is always something going on, which makes everyday a unique one. Come on down!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On The Hard!

Remember back to an image I posted of an empty parking lot? How far we've come and now all the teams are safely here in Boston.


We've been receiving some lovely feedback on the Race Village layout, though you have to come down to experience for yourself. Exhibits, access to viewing the boats and being on the water are tightly packed: it's nice.


Yesterday the main attraction was hauling out the Green Dragon, who received a lot of extra care from our Premiere Racing crew. The Green Dragon sincerely represents the event's moto, the real deal, talented individuals who are fighting their way around the world while the financial strain likely makes sailing in the Southern Ocean a walk in the park.


Mind you, every boat is treated with the utmost care, however with the lovely Dragon, a mistake could prevent them from making it home May 16th. There is no room for error. Not every team can just replace a broken part.


Therefore, additional thank you's to the Newport Shipyard elite team who worked through lunch two days in a row to ensure all the boats where out and on the hard in a timely fashion. The Dragon is now safely on her cradle with the rest and work is underway.



It's impressive walking amongst these exotic looking boats. I can only imagine what people walking along the Harbor Walk think of it all. Sometimes wonder what it would be like, walking along on my lunch break with a "beginner's mind" and no knowledge of sailing or this event. To experience the "WOW-factor" again.


These boats are simply cool. The people behind the boats, they still wow me to now end.


I've rambled on a bit here, in part from coming off the high of this past weekend, lack of sleep and seriously not eating to "SailTrim standards" - grrr!

I do have a favorite shot from yesterday, a simple picture of a Dragon Crew up the rig waiting for the crane to secure the rig for removal with a little Boston in the background...


Come on down and visit us! Cheers

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sunset Finish For Telefonica Black and Delta Lloyd

Napping on the floor, crafting a cot out of a few chairs and curling up on couches discovered in the VIP pavilion was all worth the backache to greet Telefonica Black and Delta Lloyd outside Boston Harbor. A true treat to see their smiles and welcome them to Boston.



Have officially been up for over 24 hours, minus a little here an there. Time to get washed up before the village opens to the public. I seriously wore my pajamas!

Cheers for now, more to come later today.

Can't Sleep: Midnight Bite From Boston

I can't sleep. Unlike the folks from Volvo, this is my first time experiencing the arrivals of teams and just can't sleep as we wait for news on an ETA for Delta Lloyd and Tele Black. I'm just too excited!

So...I've been sorting through today's photos, adding them to my Stop-over Album.




Ok, it's nearly 1am and thinking an attempt at sleep is worth the be continued.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Words...



Puma is home...

It was a special treat catching a ride with the Volvo Ocean Race TV crew, gaining the opportunity to get the above two shots (many more but I choose sleep over photo editing so I can get up in a few hours to be "light girl" for the same camera crew...can't miss the chance to meet these guys...can't miss it...even if it is at 2am.)

I'd say, today went well.

Fan Pier Boston Provides an AMAZING Shore-side Welcome

As I type, the radio is chirping off updates that I then share with the DJ who is announcing to the crowds, while Peter Craig telephones me from the water with even more's a little silly right now the short story: Ericsson 4 will likely take home line honors while Ericsson 3 and Telefonica Blue rally close behind. Sadly, Puma is not going to land a podium seat, however they will be warmly greeted!


Alicante was cool, but greeting this race so close to home is something special!

Edge of Our Seats In Boston

It's by far crazier today than yesterday as the energy and enthusiasm for boat arrivals has everyone on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

The latest:
Lead boat only 43 miles out and making 13 knots. Projected finish now 2:30-3:30. Possibility of being a little earlier. This is pretty firm.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening Day a Huge Success at Fan Pier

It was hot and beautiful. Hard to believe it's late April and not mid-July, was a beautiful day.


Puma City was a massive hit. Word on the street was all smiles as it appeared virtually everyone left with bright red Puma bags full of swag.


The gorgeous schooner "Meteor" arrived mid-afternoon, testing out the never been used mooring system off Fan Pier's new pontoons. She exhibited excellent use of her bow and stern thrusters!


My night is coming to a close, however the Race Village will rock it out till mid-night with live entertainment.


I spoke with guest, volunteers, Volvo Event management and Joe Fallen's wife; the unanimous responce was excellent. From the Volvo folks themselves, they believe this stop-over will go down as one of the best. Their reasons ranged from location, how nicely laid out the race village is, easy access for the public and the list goes on accompanied with smiles.

Now ofcourse, my opinion is slightly biased but swear MacBook...I did not hear a single complaint today. Who can when the port-a-potties are nicer than most peoples' own Master Bath!

Mass Bay High School Regatta at Fan Pier Boston

It is a PERFECT day for a High School Regatta at Fan Pier.

While guest explore the Race Village, take in the Harbor views from Puma City there is live racing right off the Harbor Walk.




Racing is still underway, stay tuned for race results and more live coverage from Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Boston!

Duxbury High School Took Home The Glass Today!

Will post more details on Volvo Open 70 arrival details later today ~ Cheers!

Photos: Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Friday, April 24, 2009

Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Opens in 24 Hours!

It's a beautiful morning here and the finishing touches are being up...topping off the good-eats in the concession tents...


Check back end of day for an Opening Day preview...I'm off to hang banners!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sun Is Out In Boston

The energy is building here in Boston and there are a lot of familiar faces from time spent in Alicante, and other sailing events. One interesting conversation was with the logistics manager of Puma Ocean Racing, as we joked about, "do YOU still know how to sail?!?" There is so much going into this global circus and knowing the sport of sailing is a crucial aspect to pulling it off.

From the stop-over management to actually sailing in the race, there has to be someone at each level with at least some understanding of the sport. However, the efforts each must exert to do their job to the highest standard possible does not actually include sailing (unless you are one of the official crew.) So we had a moment, with a little chuckle and asked the other, "when was the last time you went sailing? do you still know how?!?"

Insert long pause...

"It's been awhile," each responds to the other.

Then we look around and take in the scene filled with amazing people. The impressiveness of the "rising city" and so we've not really sailed much but would not have changed the choices made to be right here. Being here is an incredible opportunity and happy for the people and choices made to be in the middle of it all.

Each days progress is a reward and here are some pictures representing today's:

Photo: Ericsson Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Telefonica Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Puma Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Volunteers hanging up banners along Harbor Walk/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

I post's already out-of-date as things change here by the hour!

To be continued...

P.S. Added photos to flickr account...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Days Till Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Race Village Opens!

How to describe the scene today, three days out from the big opening...simple - crazy (in an organized sort of way.)

It's absolutely incredible how it all comes together. Massive containers are put together in a 3-D puzzle of sorts, creating offices, work spaces, gourmet kitchens, sail lofts, etc. Watching 18-wheelers negotiate around a maze of pavilions, people, fencing, more containers, parked cars, port-a-potties...very talented puppeteers making it all fit together. All donning little blue Volvo hard hats mind you.

Being stuck behind a lap top today feels like the safest and most effective place to be, unless I was signed off to drive fork-lift (which secretly I'd really like to do!) Looking out the window from my post has the Ericsson Shoreside/Wet Area being built and Telefonica is getting ready to go up RIGHT next to our trailers.




Familiar faces are showing up by the droves and though it appears to be nutty on the outside, feedback from all parties moving in have said it's been the easiest set-up compared to others. Yahoo! Score one for Boston.

Later in the day, weather changes but work carries on!



Rain has set in for the day and work as significantly slowed. It's impressive the amount of work which occurs here. How I navigated around the village this morning has completely changed this afternoon. As has the office view!


Counting down...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday

It may have been a formal holiday here in Boston, it was far from at the Fan Pier Site for the Volvo Ocean Race. I've never seen so many tractor-trailers in one little parking lot. Sadly, was on my own mission and not with camera in hand when there had to be maybe 10 rigs milling about. We are down to the last two as I type this.

In the mean time, weather has turned cold and breezy, had a sudden break in my own running around and afforded a short video tour of the village five days out:

I've been able to add a few photos everyday as well...

It may not look it in the video or photos, but to be honest SO MUCH has been completed and the major work done, onto the finishing bits. The marketing and public relations teams hired by the Fallon Company have moved on-site to tackle the visuals while the Premiere Racing folks are getting things sorted with boats being delivered, organizing the shipping and receiving of all these containers we had delivered and random construction, misc. items which support the syndicates and Volvo Event Management. For example, I've become the queen of getting keys made for all the portable offices the last two days. Ahh!

Calling All New England Opti Sailors!

April 26th is Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier's Optimist Regatta and the weather gurus tell us it's going to be a fabulous weekend with highs in the upper 70s and possibly lower 80s?!? To top it all off, Volvo Ocean Race Village opens to the public on the 25th with the potential for boats finishing as early as the 26th, meaning these young sailors may be in for a real treat!

Hoping to see the Fan Pier Marine full of young talent as some of the World's most talented sailors arrive into Boston.

Photo: Fan Pier Marina/Jennifer Langille


Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking Bite! Fan Pier Team Racing Challenge Registration

The Volvo Ocean Race exemplifies the meaning of team work. While Team Racing is the balance of that with a little bit of on-the-water ballet. To watch a Team Racing event is to see skipper and crew work in perfect harmony on their own boat. The added element, working as a team with two other boats and score the perfect point system which leads to the Team's overall victory.

It's beautiful and a display not to be missed at the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Boston.

For Schedule of Events/NOR

Download NOR

Event Registration

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Big Bite: Matt Damon Was On-Site!

The crews are working away, doing their thing but otherwise it's a pleasant day at Fan Pier. Still chilly. The real nibbles surrounded the presence of Matt Damon who is apparently filming a movie with Ben Afleck and Kevin Costner which required the use of space in the large high-rise going up behind the Volvo Pavilion.

They were in and out pretty early this morning and left a wake of disappointed guys and gals all milling about hoping for a glimpse! Was silly.

Otherwise, I've been doing a daily "walk-a-bout" taking pictures from different vantage points of interest all within a 5-10 minute walk from Race Village and there's a lot to do and see. Tonight I plan to tidy that piece up for a later posting. Here's the album with updated photos from today:

As for "behind-the-scenes" the most exciting bits would be for those into large machinery as the crane will be working over-time to move containers around to start work on the wet-area builds. We are running out of free working space and all those who drove will be taking the foot path soon...parking spots are about to go: bye-bye!

For the latest aerial shots of the village, please visit our Fan Page!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VOR Interns Rock!

We have a team of college interns working long hours doing thankless work but always with a smile on their faces. Evan Saunders, our Facebook Page and Volunteer Coordinator is also working for Fan Pier, sneaking off during his tiny breaks to photograph the site's progress and deserves some proper street cred for doing so!

In the last 24 hours there's been a sudden "burst" of activity with massive shipments arriving. The VOR folks are on-site, the Volvo Pavilion has come a long way with Ericsson taking more shape. Puma is onto "finishing work" while other structures are yet to be determined. One has to keep looking at the spec sheet to be, " that goes there?!?!" It's a massive puzzle.

Dianne Quart and Herb Reese, both Premiere Racing veterans are silly busy with on-the-water prep work - example: soundings in key areas to prevent any "hidden surprises" for our visiting VO70s. These guys come off-the-water reminding us Spring may look to be here but feels like Winter on-the-water. They are dedicated volunteers!

I've been walking about photographing all the marinas and dock areas we have available to us, will be supporting all the social media efforts (which is another description for web-based public relations i.e. Facebook, twittering, blogging, etc.) and many things yet to be defined at this time.

It's pretty cool to see it "grow" verse showing up and it's all perfectly set and complete. There's a definite feeling of appreciation for the work put into this, granted there was before, however when you watch a team of guys pulling on a line that looks to be supporting this MASSIVE structure while another guy is up in the crane-like bit securing the bolts which will keeping it standing up right...

That's purely the physical prep for all this. It's a race in and of itself. Truly a "circus affair" and another extreme nature to having the Volvo Ocean Race be the event that it is. Trying to imagine what the stop-overs where like before all this technology and innovative thinking came to be.

On that note...think I'll walk around the site before our noon-time briefing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Visual Bites From Boston

Just getting underway with my first "big" project of walking about taking pictures of all the docking options we have to support visual aids (i.e. printed documents to help support crews, volunteers, yadda yadda)...I love it! In the process I've learned how they install a massive piling, how they mark-up the site for folks coming in to construct the pavilions (Ericsson just began theirs today)and what's in walking distance.

Aside from Fan Pier Marina, which will be home to the primary event boats (i.e. VO70s, team tenders, etc.) we have a number of other locations designated for boats associated with the event. This has me touring the piers between Fan Pier and the Aquarium. From the race village there is A LOT to do and see (never mind eat, drink, buy, etc.)

With this, started up a Flickr Set:

It's FREEZING OUT (don't let the sun fool you) but grabbing a few more layers and off to finish the project.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Finally, moved into my new home down the street from what will soon be the Volvo Ocean Race Boston Stop-over Race Village. At this moment, it's hard to picture:

Stay tuned, reporting live for the folks of Premiere Racing. It'll be life from behind the scenes. Touching base on it all, not just the sailing but what is actually involved with getting something like this together in the middle of a city like Boston.

The logistics are nutty!

No two days will be alike!

To be continued...