Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spanish Castle To White Night Coming Soon

She's nearly ready for shipment and going to be a beautiful gift to self or fellow fan of a good adventure read:

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Nibbles From Puma's Flickr Stream

Puma Ocean Racing "Delivery Mode"...at least they keep our thoughts on the Volvo Ocean Race!

Fair Winds To The Crew Of il Mostro!

Note From Casey:

"The cat just docked out of the lovely Kiel Yacht Club marina at 1930 local time and we're now sitting in the lock, waiting for the gate to open and set us free into the Kiel Canal. From here it is around an eight hour motor with a Pilot onboard, navigating us safely through Germany then out into the North Sea and heading south as fast as the monster will take us.

We are hoping to get some good miles done Monday and Tuesday before another weather system is forecast to come through Tuesday night with up to 40 knots from the South West. Right were we want to go of course!!!

It's nice to be on the move again because Spain hasn't been getting any closer in the last three days."

- Casey

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Puma Bite

"We'll, we made it safely to Kiel after pounding away upwind in 20 to 40 knots of wind that brought back memories of heading for China. Every corner we turned the wind shifted- coming right from where we wanted to go. On top of that there were a lot of big bits of fast moving metal that can put an ugly end to a boat without even knowing they had hit something. Ask Jessica Watson, the young Australian girl with aspirations of being the youngest person/girl to sail around the world. First night out in a training run she collides with a huge container ship off the Queensland coast that tore the mast from her boat. She is very lucky to walk away from that collision. The ship didn't even know it had hit something and kept going on its way over the horizon. We wish Jessica all the best on her journey and may she have fair winds and safe travels.

We take ships very serious onboard the il mostro. We keep a constant watchful eye on anything moving around us. Some of our favorite ship encounters so far have been "Peter Pan", "Huckleberry Fin" and "Tom Sawyer." We tell no lies, those was really the name of them on our AIS identification system.

We are currently sitting in Kieler Yacht Club marina and are inviting all of Kiel to come have a look at the monster while it's here. The weather gods have us sitting here for a few days waiting for a nasty front to go over before once again setting sail for Alicante, Spain. We are down heading to the boat for a good cleanup and check over of the mast and structures before going to see the sights in Kiel today."

- Casey

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