Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring training...around the corner!

I am in Annapolis this moment and when you walk around town there are little hints of Spring: buds on trees, bulbs pushing through and birds singing. However, it does not feel like Spring as I have long underwear on beneath my clothes while walking around town!

The upcoming March issue of The SailTrim Journals will cover some general health topics to set a stage for a successful "Spring Training", how to make breakfast a habit you never break and using the rising mercury to motivate de-stressing in the natural world.

The work on this issue has my mind wrapped about starting the season off on the right foot and if you are not inspired to get outside just yet, looking at your day-to-day nutrition is an ice breaker. This blog is a little bit of a "sales-pitch" but how else am I to let you all how I've taken my favorite client activity and automated it so I can provide more people with a means to get feedback and consider lifestyle tweaks for leading a healthier life and improve sailing performance?!?!

My favorite client activity? The Food Journal! The best way to figure out how food impacts your life is writing it down (recording it) - we science types also LOVE data to work with!

Two weeks (~ 14 days) is a nice chunk of time for someone like myself to assess if what you eat is slowing you down. It is also an inexpensive short term way to help folks address key things which make "making weight" a challenge, provides great self awareness and extremely educational.

I am just so excited to have this available and with my research interest in nutritional timing and muscle recovery - well, lets just say this is some of my favorite work to do (next to sailing of course!)

Give it some thought...in 14 days you could unlock your own little secret to never worrying about making weight again...

Oh wait..there's more... TEASING - had the tune of one of those TV infomercials in my head!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gotta Love It...

I am a little late in posting..but Congrats to Gotta Love It 7 for cleaning house at JJ's! Thank you for all the photos Christophe! I am BEYOND excited about the 2008 European Circuit, it's an affair I can not let go of.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Long distance relationship...

...with the impressive 18 foot skiffs!

The JJ Giltinan Championship kicked off with it's invitational race...believe it would be yesterday their time. I would give anything to be there (they have one hell of a party/spectator boat which follows after the fleet as they scream across the bay).

All the best to the boys and home some make it North this summer for the European Grand Prix.


Photo from 2007 Event (J.Langille)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Frisky buisness in Key West!

...for a good cause in sailing!

"Team SailFast" was having some fun at Key West Race Week and getting the name out for a casual clothing line who's goal is to provide comfy gear for sailors and raise both awareness and funds for leukemia, lymphoma and blood born cancer research. SailTrim and SailFast are industry partners and look to March for our "Sailor(s) of the Month" who represent the spirit of sailing and leads by example in sailing toward a healthier tomorrow.

But for now...these pictures just in, presenting the playful spirit of the sailor and getting the SailFast name out there!


This was not in the 2008 Spring/Summer line up...not sure sure how these would wear while hiking on the rail of a M30...

Hey, I see some resemblance here!

Thank you to Team SailFast for a few great laughs!

Another important note, while I am typing away...SailFast are a proud sponsor of the Team 7 ladies:

Keep an eye out for SailFast...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Take a load off...

...from the day to day grind.

It can be easily confused when one's vocation parallels their advocation that they are not already on vacation (though a pinch is warranted occasionally to stay focused!)

I have been blessed with a younger sister who works in the tourism industry on the beaches of Fort Myers Beach, Florida and escaped to the pretty in pink Carousel Beach Inn she manages for a little R&R post Key West Race Week.

The Inn was completely booked though still a quiet beach to walk. I'm told this stretch of beach is frequented by dolphins and manatees who sneak up on guest while they float on their rafts or walk the water's edge looking for shells.

The view from my "mobile office" . . . was very nice (Thank you little sis!) but...when you love what you do it is virtually impossible to completely "shut off", thought time with family and the change of scenery was wonderful for re-charging my "mental batteries". I took to reading some new literature I picked up prior to KWRW covering current information and studies regarding sports nutrition and weight sensitive sports (ahh ... sailing is still not recognized as one of these officially...).

Ok - so a sailing science geek's version of beach reading but those who receive The SailTrim Journals ; will hopefully enjoy the content in February's issue.

A very special thank you to my sister Connie Langille (who is an excellent resource for lodging information in Southern Florida) and the Carousel Beach Inn, which with its retro interior and endless white beaches and rows of cabanas can relax the most wound up "sailor".

Cheers, wishing everyone a little time for self.