Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Prerogative!

There is something to be said in being your own editor and publisher ~ the power to change with no debate.

For those readers who are on the ball, you may recall this coming issue was to cover Lactate Threshold training and a few other related topics. However, in keeping with the "hearty" theme of February, I've chosen to push back the original editorial topics to March and cover some thoughts to a healthier heart for sailing.

This month SailTrim will be heading down under to Sydney, Australia to support the newly named skiff team: Aeon as they go for top honors at the JJGittinan Skiff Championships.
From there will return for Miami SORC to race with my hometown Mumm30 crew on "Kiazen".

Stay tuned for entries on my experiences working with my skiff campaign, Australian adventures and what it's like sailing on a boat that won worlds . . . no pressure . . .

Fair Winds,

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