Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Few Bites Off Track

Late last week my head got stuck in the snow and stayed there. I can honestly say, with the exception to having a number of co-workers at Mad River Glen seriously into sailing, all thoughts have been on getting fresh tracks in the 5 feet of snow blanketing Stark Mountain in Vermont.

There is something special about fluffy snow. It does not matter how cold or tired one is, making a fresh line through the stuff is addicting! It's fun. It's an experience which embraces all thoughts and for a few moments, the rest of the world dissolves away. Worries saved for another day.

I'd been playing with a pair of "fat" skis which opened up areas of the mountain I would normally stay clear off. Marked trails became a thing of the past and exploring the woods tested me in new ways. One run in particular was way off track, extremely deep and way steeper than I've ever tackled in my life.

I'd normally be pretty scared, actually terrified but there was something unleashed and instead of tears there was a steady giggle with each wild jump, turn, swoosh and the all expected face plants in 5 feet of snow. Escaping each mildly reminded me of being stuck in the "sewer" unraveling a massively entangled kite from a not so clean douse. However, that never made me laugh like a school girl.

Coming out of a massive wipe-out after just nearly missing about 10 through a narrow tree lined chute evokes an inner excitement I've never had while sailing. I'm not sure I've ever laughed, giggled, snorted or hopped about like a little kid who has to use the bathroom after a good down-wind run with the kite. There have been many awesome days on the water sailing. There are days I've held my breathe in anticipation while riding the edge of a wipe-out, but pretty sure there was no giggling at the time.

So what's the difference, besides the obvious? One can not really compare skiing and sailing, though, almost every sailor I know either skis or rides. Is there something missing in their world of sailing that playing in the snow fills? This has been consuming my thoughts during the daily commute back and forth from the mountain. I've NOT been having this much fun in the last few years chasing after sailing opportunities.

I've also never pushed the snowy envelope as I have this season. Ah. Maybe that is it? Maybe I need to take sailing to new levels. Maybe a return to the Volvo Ocean Race in April will reinvigorate the passion for wind and water. Maybe just getting back on the water will help. The eXtreme 40s will be in town and those suckers exhilarate!

Maybe the ambition to nibble on sailing needs a fresh perspective because chasing after the news stories and technical scoop does nothing to excite lengthy prose about sailing. Even the Volvo Ocean Race has left me uninspired. Love the lifestyle, but these past few weeks, where a weather report of snow is enough to get one out of bed at an ungodly hour to drive through blizzard conditions to wait in a 40 minute line for a fresh powder fix has introduced an aspect of living not frequently felt in sailing.

It does exists and maybe deeper exploration into the worlds of windsurfing and kite boarding will help. To be in position when Mother Nature calls, going without reservations and to give her your all, till you can't stop laughing from all the endorphins flooding the brain! A little dose of that is good for the mind, body and soul.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

JJ Giltinan Championship: Race Five

18ft Skiffs
Giltinan Championship – Race 5
(Sponsored by Winning Appliances and SLAM)
(Today’s race sponsored by Smeg)
Thursday, 19 February 2009
Sydney Harbour became the fifth winner from as many races when she took out Race 5 of the Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

Skipper John Winning Jr., with crew Dave Ewings and Tim Austin, gave an outstanding performance in an 8-10 knot North East breeze to bring appliancesonline home a 37s winner and so keep alive their hopes of taking the title.

The British team of Andy Budgen, Matt Mc Govern and James Barker also gave an excellent display in the conditions and finished second in Project Racing.

Third place today went to Southern Cross Constructions, which finished a further 13s behind Project Racing.

For the Southern Cross crew of Euan Mc Nicol, Aaron Links and Trent Barnabas it was enough to give them a narrow lead in the championship with two more races still to be sailed.

After discarding their worst performances to date, Southern Cross has a total of 10 points, followed by Active Air-2UE (Matthew Searle) on 12, Gotta Love It 7 (Seve Jarvin) and Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris) both on 13 and today’s winner appliancesonline on 16.

Project Racing is sixth on 24 points.

With such a narrow margin separating the top five teams, there seems no doubt that the winner will not be known until late on Sunday afternoon.

From the start today, Project Racing and appliancesonline quickly established a lead over Active Air-2UE and Southern Cross Constructions.

Project Racing held a 10s margin at the Beashel Buoy windward mark then increased it marginally downwind to the Clarke Island mark.

There was little change amongst the leading group on the spinnaker run although Southern Cross moved ahead of Active Air-2UE.

After a poor start, Gotta Love It 7 recovered into fifth place just ahead of USA1, skippered by former Giltinan champion Howie Hamlin.

Project Racing and appliancesonline continued to stage their own personal battle for the lead on the following beat to the Beashel Buoy with appliancesonline grabbing a 2 boat length lead as spinnakers were set for the return run to Clarke Island.

The next three placings remained unchanged with Southern Cross holding third place ahead of Active Air-2UE and Gotta Love It 7.

While the racing was close there was no change in the placings over the remainder of the course before appliancesonline crossed the line a clear winner.

Rag & Famish Hotel was well back in the pack early but her crew battled away to bring the skiff home in sixth place as so keep them well in championship contention.

Thurlow Fisher (Bruce Savage) came home in seventh place ahead of Yandoo (John Winning), Fisher & Paykel (Andrew Cuddihy) and USA1.

Race 6 will be conducted on Saturday with the highly anticipated Race 7 set down for Sunday.

The Australian 18 Footers League will have two spectator ferries on each day to cater for the large spectator interest.

More images will be published on and video can be seen on

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JJ Giltinan Championship: Race Four

18ft Skiffs
Giltinan Championship – Race 4

Sponsored by Winning Appliances and SLAM
(Today’s race sponsored by Asko Appliances)
Wednesday, 18 February 2009
Sydney Harbour

Euan Mc Nicol, Aaron Links and Trent Barnabas had to produce all their skills and experience to bring Southern Cross Constructions home a narrow winner in Race 3 of the Giltinan Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

In one of the closest races seen on the harbour, Southern Cross Constructions had to withstand a brilliant finishing burst by (John Winning Jr., Dave Ewings and Tim Austin) to win by just 4s in a thriller.

Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris, Peter Harris and Scott Babbage) also produced a strong finishing burst to grab third spot another 19s behind appliancesonline.

Although relegated to fourth place today, Active Air-2UE (Matthew Searle, Dan Wilsdon and Archie Massey) still leads the championship with a total of 12 points, closely followed by Southern Cross Constructions and Rag & Famish Hotel together on 13 and Gotta Love It 7 (Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Tom Clout) on 15.

Appliancesonline is fifth on 22 points with Smeg (Hugh Stodart, Daniel Phillips and Jim Beck) sixth on 36.

Today’s race was sailed in shifting southerly breeze which fully tested all teams as it constantly changed direction and strength throughout.

Pure Blonde (James Francis) won the race to the first windward mark where she held a 2 boat lengths lead over Thurlow Fisher (Bruce Savage), Gotta Love It 7, Southern Cross and Active Air-2UE.

The young Pure Blonde crew was outstanding on the long spinnaker run to Obelisk Bay as they stretched their lead to 30s from Active Air-2UE, Southern Cross and Gotta Love It 7, which was trailing 90s from the lead..

With the breeze tending a little west, all teams were forced to gybe several times.

The following windward leg back to Rose Bay saw a four way battle develop as Southern Cross and Active Air-2UE put pressure on Pure Blonde, while Gotta Love It 7 edged closer.

At the Rose Bay mark Southern Cross led by just 2s from Active Air-2UE, with Pure Blonde 10s back and Gotta Love It 7 a further 15s away.

Southern Cross retained the lead (20s) on the run to Athol Bay East mark as all crews had to drop and reset their spinnakers to clear Bradleys Head.

There was yet another lead change when Active Air-2UE took advantage of her windward position on the work to Clarke Island.

Active Air-2UE led Southern Cross by 15s with Pure Blonde still third and a 30s gap to Gotta Love It 7 in fourth place.

While their three opponents gybed to the northern shore on the second run to Obelisk, the Pure Blonde team continued on their starboard gybe and were rewarded when they picked up a southerly breeze off Rose Bay.

It gave Pure Blonde a 10s lead over Southern Cross, while Active Air-2UE was now 40s further back in third place ahead of appliancesonline, which made up good time in mid stream.

Gotta Love It 7 lost out badly on this run and was trailing in fifth place 1m30s from the lead.

The pressure was on as the fleet headed into Rose Bay as the five leaders were joined by Rag & Famish Hotel.

Southern Cross grabbed the lead back at Rose Bay but the race was far from over.

Southern Cross retained the lead downwind and held a 23s margin at the final windward mark.

The race to the finish was intense as the five leaders were spread across the course searching for every breath of breeze.

Race 5 will be sailed tomorrow with the final two races set down for Saturday and Sunday.

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Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JJ Giltinan Championships: Race Three

18ft Skiffs
Giltinan Championship – Race 3
(sponsored by Winning Appliances and SLAM)
(today’s race sponsored by De Longhi)
Tuesday, 17 February 2009
Sydney Harbour

Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Tom Clout had to use all their skills to master a shifty South East wind in bringing Gotta Love It 7 home the winner of Race 3 of the Giltinan International Championship today.

The win has moved Gotta Love It 7 into equal second place with Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris) on 10 points, behind Race 2 winner Active Air-2UE (Matthew Searle, Dan Wilsdon and Archie Massey) on 8.

Gotta Love It 7’s margin today was 27s from Rag & Famish, with Britiah team Project Racing (Andy Budgen, Matt Mc Govern and James Barker).

Once again, an overcast sky and light wind greeted the fleet on Sydney Harbour.

There was an immediate drama when a Manly Ferry appeared just after the start and the starter was forced to recall the fleet.

After the restart the fleet split into two groups as it has done so often in the regatta.

This time, the teams which elected to go to the RHS of the course won out as Thurlow Fisher (Bruce Savage) led from Gotta Love It 7 and Active Air-2UE at the windward mark.

Project Racing was next, followed by Quantum Sails NZ (Chris Skinner) and Me (Ian Henderson).

At the bottom mark near Robertson Point, Gotta Love It 7 led narrowly from Project Racing with Thurlow Fisher third and Me fourth.

From that point the race became a merry-go-round for the leading group as the positions were changing constantly in the difficult conditions.

Thurlow Fisher grabbed the lead at Clarke Island, then Rag & Famish took over at Chowder Head.

Gotta Love It 7 then took a 4s lead from Rag & Famish Hotel at the Taylors Bay mark, and despite serious challenges, was able to retain the lead to the finish.

At the final windward mark 7’s lead was just a couple of boat lengths from Project Racing with Rag & Famish Hotel and Active Air-2UE close behind.

The four teams sailed tack for tack up the final beat but Gotta Love It 7 was in control and thoroughly deserved her victory.

Race 4 of the championship will be sailed tomorrow, followed by further races on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Further photos will be published on and video can be seen on

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Additional Photos From Christophe Favrea:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

JJ Giltinan Championship: Race Two

18ft Skiffs Giltinan Championship
Race 2
Sponsored by Winning Appliances and SLAM
(Today’s race sponsored by Maytag)
Sunday, 15 February 2009
Sydney Harbour

Matthew Searle, Dan Wilsdon and Archie Massey totally dominated the 32-boat fleet today when they took out Race 2 of the JJ Giltinan Championship on Sydney Harbour.

The trio took Active Air-2UE to the lead from the start and was never headed over the long South-East course.

Their winning margin was an impressive 1m15s over defending champion Seve Jarvin in Gotta Love It 7.and has also given the team the overall point lead in the championship.

With a number of protests being lodged, all placings and point scores are provisional at this time.

Third placing today went to Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris), which finished 42s behind Gotta Love It 7.

After a disastrous first leg of the course, Southern Cross Constructions (Euan Mc Nicol) finished strongly to take fourth place, ahead of Me (Ian Henderson) and Race 1 winner Smeg, skippered by Hugh Stodart.

Provisional points are Active Air-2UE on 4 points, Southern Cross 6, Smeg 7, Rag & Famish 8, Gotta Love It 7 9 and, John Winning Jr. on 13.

In a bold move, Yandoo (John Winning), Southern Cross Constructions and Project Racing (Andy Budgen) went to the RHS of the course immediately after the start while the majority of the fleet went on a long starboard tack to Steel Point.

When the two groups met those on the LHS were more than two minutes ahead.

Active Air-2UE held an 8s lead over Gotta Love It 7 at the windward mark, with Macquarie Real Estate (Micah Lane) a further 20s back in third place.

Rag & Famish was fourth ahead of Me, Kinder Caring Home Nursing (Brett Van Munster), appliancesonline and Smeg, which was one minute from the lead.

Active Air-2UE retained her lead on the long spinnaker run to Robertson Point then eased further away on the work back to Clark Island.

Although 1m20s behind Active Air-2UE, Ian Henderson and his Me team of Aron Everett and Reece Goldsmith were superb on this leg as they sailed into second place 20s ahead of Kinder Caring.

Gotta Love It 7 was 2m55s from the lead in fourth place, followed by Rag & Famish, Macquarie Real Estate, Asko Appliances (Evan Walker), Smeg, appliancesonline and Pure Blonde (James Francis).

While Active Air-2UE continued to lead comfortably at the Rose Bay mark (55s), Gotta Love It 7 was the big improver as Jarvin and his team came back into second place, ahead of Me, Kinder Caring, Southern Cross, Rag & Famish, Smeg and Macquarie Real Estate.

The ‘loop’ across the harbour to Taylors Bay and return to Rose Bay saw little positional change as Active Air-2UE continued to hold a race winning lead over Gotta Love It 7.

Me was still holding on to third place although pressure was now being applied by Rag & Famish and Southern Cross.

Today’s photographs will be published on

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Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Saturday, February 14, 2009

JJ Giltinan Championship: Day One

18ft Skiffs
Giltinan Championship
Race 1
Sponsored by Winning Appliances and SLAM
(Today’s race sponsored by Panasonic)
Saturday, 14 February 2009
Sydney Harbour

Hugh Stodart, Daniel Phillips and Jim Beck (Smeg) were the masters of a light Easterly breeze when they took out Race 1 of the Giltinan Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

For Stodart it was a great return to the class after “retiring” at the end of last season.

When injured crewman Greg Dixon was unable to sail the regatta, regular skipper Phillips moved to the sheet and recruited Stodart to steer Smeg, which is last year’s successful Gotta Love It 7 skiff.

Smeg crossed the line 31s ahead of Southern Cross Constructions (Euan Mc Nicol, Aaron Links and Trent Barnabas), with Active Air-2UE (Matthew Searle, Dan Wilsdon and Archie Massey) a further 20s back in third place.

Rain, overcast skies and a 8-10 knot Easterly breeze made it critical for all teams to get a good start and so it was no surprise when there was a general recall at the first attempt.

Immediately after the start, defending champion Seve Jarvin took Gotta Love It 7 to the RHS of the course along with Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris) and Yandoo (John Winning).

Stodart, Mc Nicol and John Winning Jr. (appliancesonline) went left into Athol Bay.

When the two groups met the LHS had dominated with appliancesonline leading a tightly bunched group.

Others challenging for the lead were Active Air-2UE, Project Racing (Andy Budgen), Smeg, Thurlow Fisher (Bruce Savage) and Southern Cross.

Unknowingly, Thurlow Fisher had been recalled at the start and were subsequently recorded as and on-course starter.

Those on the right were well back.

appliancesonline was under pressure from Active Air-2UE and Project Racing as they passed Shark Island on the work into the Rose Bay windward buoy.

appliancesonline led narrowly from project Racing as spinnakers were set, closely followed by Active Air-2UE, Smeg, Thurlow Fisher, Macquarie Real estate (Micah Lane) and Southern Cross.

The British team were superb downwind and gybed inside appliancesonline at the wing mark.

Leading to the bottom mark their race fell apart when they took the Kurraba Point mark to port instead of a starboard rounding.

Budgen went back to re-round but unfortunately did it incorrectly and withdrew after the race.

Midway up the second windward leg back to Rose Bay, appliancesonline led clearly from Smeg, Southern Cross, Active Air-2UE, Quantum Sails NZ (Chris Skinner), Macquarie Real Estate and Gotta Love 7.

A jib problem saw the talented Southern Cross team capsize on a tack – an incident that cost them any chance of a win.

While all his rivals elected to sail a middle course Winning Jr. went further to the right.

Smeg reduced the margin when they met shortly after then grabbed the lead off Shark Island.

At the mark, Smeg led by 10s from appliancesonline with Active Air-2UE just 5s further back in third place.

The Smeg lead eased out to 20s at the bottom mark the second time while Active Air-2UE also lost time to trail by a further 20s in third place.

Southern Cross was fourth - 50s from the lead.

On the final windward leg, Smeg and Southern Cross tacked early while appliances and Active Air-2UE stayed on a starboard tack into Athol Bay.

The move was a winner as Smeg increased her lead while Southern Cross narrowly led appliancesonline when they met.

Smeg led by 35s from Southern Cross as they set their spinnaker for the run to the finish and was untroubled to hold the margin.

Photographs will be published on

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hudson River Escape Back In Time

In my "twitter" reviews, came across this little gem of an article from today's NY Times Online, Travel Section...

Published: February 13, 2009

MORE than 100 years ago, people regularly congregated at the Hudson River for winter entertainment and recreation. It was not uncommon to see thousands of people gather on the frozen river for carnivals of music, dancing, food, skating and, most thrilling, ice yacht races.

Visit The NY Times For Full Article, Pictures and Video ~ Cheers

News From Oz: JJ Giltinan Invitational

Back on topic...If there is one place I'd rather be right now, it's Double Bay Sydney for the annual running of the JJ Giltinan Championship Regatta. I fell in love with this community a few years back and excited to stay in touch, even a Hemisphere away.

18ft Skiffs
Invitation Race
JJ Giltinan International Championship
Friday, 13 February 2009
Sydney Harbour

The traditional Invitation Race in the JJ Giltinan Championship was sailed on Sydney Harbour today as a warm up for the championship-proper which begins tomorrow (Saturday, 14 February).

The race began in an 18knot South East wind but this dropped to below 10knots midway through the course.

Defending champion Gotta Love It 7 (Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Tom Clout) showed the rest of the fleet that they will be the team to beat when they finished a clear 1m6s winner today from Project Racing, skippered by Andy Budgen of the UK.

Third placing went to Yandoo, skippered by 2000 Giltinan champion John Winning, which finished a further 46s back.

Gotta Love It 7 and Yandoo were the early pacesetters on the spinnaker run from Rose Bay to Robertson Point as they led a charging bunch of skiffs.

The experience of the Yandoo crew saw them grab a 10s lead at Clarke Island on the following windward leg.

Project Racing moved into third place at this point, followed by Kinder Caring Home Nursing (Brett Van Munster), DeLonghi (Simon Nearn), Smeg (Hugh Stodart) and others.

All teams elected to 2-sail reach to the Chowder Bay buoy where Yandoo retained her lead but Gotta Love It 7 was soon back at the front as they worked into Rose Bay in a fading breeze.

Once in front, Gotta Love It 7 was not headed again aas she went on to an easy win.

Yandoo looked set for second placing but was run down by Project Racing over the final leg of the course.

Two of the other leading contenders in the championship, Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris) and Southern Cross Constructions (Euan Mc Nicol) both recovered well from ‘ordinary’ starts but were never in a position to challenge the winner.

Hopefully, conditions will be more consistent for tomorrow’s opening race of the championship.

The Australian 18 Footers League will have its regular spectator ferry following each race of the championship and will have two ferries on each Sunday 15th and 22nd) as well as Saturday, 21st February.

Departure times are 2.30pm on each day with the exception of 14th and 21st February when ferries will depart at 3.30pm.

Photographs will be published on

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off Topic Thought

My head is stuck in eco-mode and may have had something to do with a teleconference with a couple Oceana Peeps today but I stumbled on this ditty from World Wildlife Foundation...and it does a nice job in making the head think a little differently.

Note-worthy Nibbles

Bite From Boston
Did you know... everyone can sign up for note-worthy eNewsletters on the Boston Stop-over? Check-out the latest issue and help spread the word. It's going to be a great few weeks of intoxicating sailing-related events for all ages! I'm shooting to be on-site early April to rejoin the Premiere Peeps with hopes to provide a "behind-the-scenes" look at the event.

It's sincerely similar to a circus with Fan Pier looking to be just another pretty place to walk the dog and then out of the blue a massive village overtaken by crowds to never knowing the "circus" was in town. Stay-tuned for more news to come and join the FaceBook Fan Page!

Keeping It Blue
In the world of Ocean Conservation there are a number of sailing peeps on a mission, self included, to turn World Ocean Day into a Global Holiday and why not? Holiday's are a fun way to acknowledge and recognize issues important to everyone on the planet, especially all us water junkies!

An additional way to take action, join the Ocean Conservation Yacht Club who's partnered with Oceana and dedicated to working with sailors. Look for the OCYC at the Annapolis NOOD regatta April 24th thru 26th.

Speaking of NOODS...St Pete's is this weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taste The Potato Please

Since weight management is on my mind today and recently had a mini debate with a family memeber on the bad rap potatoes have acquired, an ode to the old spud!

When the "stay away from all things white or lacking color" craze came into play and the "carbohydrates are bad" fad diets hit mainstream, potatoes have been kicked to the curb. It's too bad, they are full of nutrients and prepared mindfully: an excellent dish for sailors, especially during an event.

A few article links outlining their health benefits:
Now, yummy alternative recipes for our favorite ways to eat the famous spud:
Finally, three publications I enjoy reading and each providing great recipe ideas and useful "realistic" tips for clean eats:
Well...I'm craving some mashed potatoes which I make with skins on, skim milk, Smart Balance, cracked pepper and sea salt ~ YUM! There is no reason potatoes can't be apart of a healthy one-design plan ~ cheers!

One Design Bite

There's quite the entertaining thread going on in one of the sailing forums regarding One Design Weigh-ins in response to a reader article on the topic.

The OD weigh-in dilemma has been beaten-to-death by SailTrim (me) over the last few years and to be quite frank, really tired of engaging conversations at KWRW, etc., with hefty guys who's overall health could benefit from investing in their own weight management. So for all those unhealthy, over-weight sailors who demand their healthy and fit crew be the ones to lose, check-out this link and consider the benefits to YOU for taking the initiative to be more fit. Imagine how much your sailing will improve. Furthermore, your crew won't starve themselves and be hydrated more often then not.
Well fed, hydrated, and fit crew sail fast! (They also have more fun, better attitudes and work harder even if they aren't the best sailor...they are the best crew ~ cheers)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Healthy Nibble

I peruse the sailing news, but still keep a finger on the pulse of today's health and fitness trends. Here's a link to a document I thought fitting for this time of year:
  • Nutrients for the Common Cold? Will Anything Help Relieve Symptoms?
    Catching a cold can sideline your training plans. In this issue we will look at some popular supplements and what the evidence has to say about their effectiveness on fighting colds. (Read the article)
Since February is a tribute to all things "heart" related: Heart Healthy Recipes!

Oh and stress is an evil vigilant element in all our lives, how about A Top Ten Stress Buster List!

A lovely weekend to all. Cheers!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why We Love Louis: Business Bite

This in from a fav web-site devoted to the growth of Sailing's exposure to the entire world:

YachtSponsorship.Com Presents:
Louis Vuitton’s Title ‘Partnership’ of the LVPS

Lynn Fitzpatrick from World talks to Christine Belanger about Louis Vuitton’s Pacific Series.

Louis Vuitton has established deep running relationships during its quarter of a century commitment to the America’s Cup. Louis Vuitton’s Director, Christine Belanger, explained, “Our relationship has been as a partner in running the event, not a sponsor and there is a big distinction.”

Belanger and Bruno Trouble visited Auckland in August to work through the details of the event with their co-hosts and partners Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Emirates Team New Zealand. The regatta was announced on September 15 and within no time teams that had confidence in Louis Vuitton because of the company’s tradition of delivering results and standing behind it’s word, expressed interest. Registrations poured in on the average of one a day for the first two weeks.

The partners knew that it would be impossible accommodate the teams by holding the regatta with only two boats. They considered the message that it would send if they refused teams. Would it be interpreted as only choosing the best teams or the first ones to register? “We never look only at the short-term return. We considered our long-term relationship with the sport and with the people.”

Read Full Piece