Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ouch . . .

. . .nothing more painful then when the guys leave the beach feeling great, to have them return early because of broken hardware. They were sailing in good form and playing the upper 3rd of the fleet when their boom failed under compression and had to retire. The attitude, though mildly bruised, was excellent and once a few beers were passed around (on these days SailTrim knows best to be supportive in other means ~ call everyone you know in town who plays with carbon!) folks were working on a solution. By night fall the boom was being dealt with and this morning some final work should have them rigged, in their kit and off sailing.

The plan today from shore crew's perspective is to keep them feeling good (hydrated, fed and not likely a full physio session but maintenance work while materials set on the boom). As a support crew you have to keep a good attitude and be willing to change the plan as it will best serve the sailors best interest for a good race . . . we are there and it will be a good day today!

It's a beautiful morning and SailTrim is thinking a light run while the sun is cool would be nice. Stay tuned . . .there will be a post race entry today!

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