Friday, February 02, 2007

Upcoming Changes to Newsletter


The February newsletter is slowly making it's way through the virtual world and with today's Spam Filters the kick backs trickle through: my cue it's time to upgrade how I design and deliver it. As I sail towards my 1 yr anniversary with an idea that started as a little note to my local sailing club members; has grown to global circulation and a need to be globally accessible!

With the growth has come more feedback and ideas, which in turn has lead to a long list of editorial topics. This is all wonderful, though the current format is not the most efficient approach to delivering the level of information I care to share with all of you.

In addition, there has been good critical feedback and I will be better suited to address: forward and printable and how it's posted on the website for future viewing or referring back to. All of these concerns will be addressed with the March issue. I anticipate a test run mid February, which will include some of the meatier cardiovascular related information I did not cover in the current issue.

When bringing together the science and how it relates to our sailing interest; there truly is a great deal of information and I look forward to creating a better method of delivery, keeping it simple and enjoyable for the reader. Finally a friendly reminder: this is "your" newsletter and I welcome hearing from everyone whether it is a concern, question or request.

The intention for SailTrim is to be a permanent resource to the sailing community and will change and adapt however necessary to be the best resource to reference for all things health, fitness and wellness related!

Thank you for reading ~ Fair Winds,


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