Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh man. . .

. . .I can only imagine what its like to send your child off to school, summer camp etc. Yesterday, after the boat was back together again and the team sailing off: my stomach was in knots! I had to use the rest room the entire length of the race (3 general recalls did not help matters), however, to tear my eyes away from the binoculars seemed sacrilegious at the time. I wanted all my positive energy focused on them having an uneventful race (nothing breaking!).

As the day came to a close, the area shops and cafes had begun cleaning up from the weekend crowds; our guys sailed back in with a respectable 14th. We were happy. The evening was well enjoyed with a later than normal evening due to our "off" day today. SailTrim even enjoyed a few adult beverages!

What do I prescribe for campaigns on their non-sailing days of a long regatta . . .a day at the beach of course! The entire crew, shore and even photographer headed off to Bondi Beach for some much needed down time. It was lovely!

We are now getting our heads back into the game, working on race reports for media and websites . . .laundry . . .and tactical chatter has returned. I am quite pleased with how the guys have been feeling physically and mentally. This has been a rewarding event, seeing the benefits of regular attention to the crews' health and well being on and off the water is wonderful.

On the edge, sailing hard and having fun seems to be a theme of this class . . .SailTrim is really enjoying the18 footer world . . .

We return to racing tomorrow . . . fair winds ~ Jenn

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