Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is it possible... miss a blog?

Yes, for as much fun as it has been to share with the community through the Sailing World site it has not been as "personable" as writing in a platform created myself, much like sailing on a boat nurtured by one's own hands...familiarity.

I will seek a better balance in the New Year and appreciate those who have held on while I bounce about!

2008 will bring a few more changes but such is true for everything in life. The holidays can be a trying time to stick with the program and will stay present to support those who enjoy a little "bug in the ear" to meet their goals.

Finally, I've become a complete junky for offshore news and with the Barcelona World Race occurring during the holiday mayhem...sure there will be news to spark a blog or two on my passion for offshore racing and the physical demands on the sailor...

The following is my tribute to the imOc 60 who's presence would distract me from all other thought!