Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Southern sun and cool breezes...

... is what I was greeted with as we flew into Sydney yesterday. After an uneventful trip across the country and Pacific Ocean; SailTrim was warmly greeted. I was able to meet up with the Aeon crew very shortly afterwards at the 18footers league where their helmsman Mason Woodworth was working away.

It's apparent I am more jet lagged than I give credit, for typing this entry is taking a bit of effort.

The Aeon "boys" made it out for a nice session yesterday and are readying themselves for one this morning where we will start them into a routine of daily warm ups and address their aches and pains as we go. I am quite excited about the opportunity to dive into the world of skiff racing and all the dynamics placed on the physical being to sail these amazing boats. The video from yesterday's session was extremely educational, my head was dreaming up more exercises to help them condition their bodies for the acrobatics of this form of sailing. In addition to where these guys will need the most attention when they hit land to recover . . . a supply of ice will be apart of that list. . .

Tis time to head to the club, prep boat and send them off for their first session of the day well fed, warmed up and nicely tuned!

It is my intention to keep this blog updated daily, so stay tuned for more tales from the shores of Sydney!

Fair Winds,

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