Monday, August 28, 2006

Taking The Plunge

In the next few months I will be doing a fair amount of traveling with an intention to chat with as many folks possible about sailing, fitness and education. The hope is to talk with all age groups, coaches, amateurs and professional and all those in between. I will use my Blog to share with the community what I learn, share my adventures and maybe on occasion stir the pot a little bit.

Thank you to everyone (Mudheaders, Scuttlebutt'rs and many others around the globe) for the support and encouragement that made it possible for SailTrim to become a fultime organization that's truly and completely in existence to support the world of sailing; keeping them in the know for healthy living and sailing strong for many, many years . . .

SailTrim's Current Schedule:

  • New England Racing (SailTrim is an active crew member on a Mumm30 and Shield) and Youth Sailing (H.S. & College) talks, seminars and interviews

October ~ Early November:

  • San Francisco Bay area

Fair Winds ~

Jennifer Langille ~ SailTrim Founder/Owner