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22 September 2010

Neutrogena, the dermatological skincare brand will sponsor the team comprising Germany's Boris Herrmann and the USA's Ryan Breymaier in the upcoming edition of the Barcelona World Race.

German sailor Boris Herrmann and America's Ryan Breymaier will be sponsored by the Neutrogena brand when they compete in the second edition of the Barcelona World Race, due to start on December 31st this year. “This is a thrilling adventure in which we want to play an active part", declared Ignacio García Cano, Director General of Johnson & Johnson's Southern European Market. "The sponsorship of a Barcelona World Race team by our Neutrogena Norwegian Formula brand marks an unprecedented venture for us. It's a great opportunity to join forces with the sailors to face the challenge of an incredibly demanding competition, requiring maximum efficiency and strength when faced with the most adverse conditions. There is no doubt that these values reflect the Neutrogena identity".

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula is a specialist brand of moisturizing products for hands, feet, the body and lips. Neutrogena had its beginnings in 1930 when founder Emanuel Stolaroff, started a cosmetic company, Natone. In 1994 the then independent company became part of the United States-based multinational Johnson & Johnson, the world's premier consumer health product producer, with over 250 companies in 60 countries.

Neutrogena products are sold internationally in over 60 countries. For the brand, whose products have historically been associated with caring for skin exposed to extreme weather conditions, the sponsorship of a team racing in this round the world regatta is a great source of satisfaction and pride: "It is a real privilege for our brand to join forces with Boris and Ryan in an event such as the Barcelona World Race, as well as a fantastic opportunity for us to bring the benefits of our range of products to a top level oceanic competition".

Breymaier and Herrmann, who are embarking on their IMOCA Class careers with their first participation in the Barcelona World Race, together form part of the ocean racing sailing team headed up by Roland Jourdain (Team Kaïros). The co-skippers will be racing onboard the former Veolia Environnment, which was sailed by Jourdain himself and co-skipper Jean-Luc Nélias in the first edition of the race.

Boris Herrmann is the first German sailor to compete in the IMOCA Class and he is looking to complete this campaign with an entry in the Vendée Globe 2012. “It's a real privilege to represent a brand with the prestige of Neutrogena, which is so well-known in the whole world, especially in Europe and the USA. I've used the brand's hand-cream since I was a child, as my father always used it, both when he sailed in summer and when he was carrying out boat repairs in winter. I've grown up with Neutrogena and I've used it throughout my life as a sailor; so the fact that Neutrogena will be with me, throughout the tough round the world conditions is very exciting for me”.

At just 28 years old, Boris is already used to being a pioneer: in 2001 he was the youngest entrant in the Transat 6.50 (Mini-Transat). In 2009 he became the first German to win a short-handed round the world regatta, when alongside Felix Oehme he won the Portimão Global Ocean Race 2008/09, the five leg round the world regatta sailed on Class 40 yachts. On that occasion Herrmann sailed Beluga Racer, the same 40-footer he also finished second in the Artemis Transat 2008 on, a yacht that saw him become one of the leading experts in the class.

Ryan Breymaier is an ocean sailor from Annapolis, the USA's East Coast sailing capital. He has a wealth of experience in all types of top level sailing campaigns. The Neutrogena sponsorship for Breymaier also means joining forces with a partner which will be of great help at sea: “Neutrogena is a company with a great vision for the future and a great reputation in my country. I am very happy to associate myself with this brand. I am also sure that their line of male skincare products are going to keep my skin in optimum condition during these 80 days we'll be at sea! I think that the brand's core values link in perfectly with those of a sailing team and I think that this will be the start of a great relationship”.

At 34 years old and married, Breymaier's experience extends from huge multi-hulls such as Playstation, to the somewhat smaller TP 52s, such as Aifos and Sjambok. The co-skipper also knows the yacht he'll be sailing in the Barcelona World Race very well indeed, having formed part of Jourdain and Nélias' technical crew in the 2007/08 edition of the race.

He has played a key role in tuning the yacht for campaigns such as the Vendée Globe 2008/09 and the Istanbul Europa Race 2009. In the latter he also joined Jourdain onboard the yacht for the regatta. The American skipper now based in Brittany, France is also highly experienced in the making of all types of tackle for top level competition.

Boris Herrmann and Ryan Breymaier have followed a very specific preparation programme of their IMOCA Open 60 at Concarneau in Brittany, along with their team captain, Phillipe Laot. The team is presently in Barcelona, where they are preparing for the oceanic qualifying oceanic course that they will be sailing along with six other IMOCA Open 60s, starting on 4th October.

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