Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why Do People Sail?

Why DO People Sail?

Really. Why do people get into a little boat that may or may not have a motor attached to its stern? We won't even get into the part where sailing requires moving about in a zig-zag pattern to get from point A to point B.

Why do you sail? Why am I asking this question? Well, it's interesting that all the time I was away from this blog, it was the number one set of key words that has led people to this site for the last year!

"why do people sail"

Now I'm curious, did those who came here find what they where looking for? Many stuck around, digging through my archive of posts. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall as they read, say a post from the early days of chasing 18 footers around the globe, never-mind what they'd think of the Volvo Ocean Race sailor.

Then we have the beer-can man or women who jets out of work a touch early to make a Wednesday afternoon dock-call, dancing around their local harbor. Sometimes bobbing around, often the case in Fisher Island Sound in late Summer.

How about the mom and pop program with a small herd of little ones in tow, piling into the late model O'Day for a weekend away from their land-locked neighborhood? It's a lot of work prepping a family for a weekend of "cove-hopping." What inspires them to go sailing?

What inspires someone to even buy a sailboat?

In my own life I have experienced virtually every single economic bracket of "sailing." No matter the budget level or make of boat = MONEY PIT! Period, they could take that movie and do a boater's version of it. Boats, whether powered by wind or fuel are right up there with a fixer-upper vacation home.

Love sailing. Love being on the water. Love the people you share a dock with or meet up with at the yacht club or sailing center. Love. Love. Love.

Why we do anything - because we love it. Who cares how silly it may appear. Who cares how much it cost. If you love what you do, why not do it.

There you have it. It's really simple. Why do people sail? People sail because they love to do it. It's really no different then why people golf.

Interesting to note the next set of key words that lead people to my site where:

"why should people sail?"

My answer to that would be something along the lines of, " Well, if you feel like you "should" do it, why do it at all?" Do what you love. So what if it's not sailing, you can still read this blog and never step foot on a boat. Events like the Volvo Ocean Race are a trip to read about, follow, damn, you can even play the video game!

Only spend your time doing what you love, and if that means reading about it. Playing the video game or watching the latest movie - it is time well spent.

(I am WILD about rugby. I read about. I am lucky enough to photograph one of the best women's college rugby teams in the US. I will never get on that field!)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey World!

I'm still here! Took a break from the "bites," but I have not forgotten about them and right now - my sites are on the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race...

This is going to be an exciting event with the return of legends, known names and fresh talent with stripes to earn. You should bookmark their site (and mine!) Expect great stories and an adventure all can enjoy.

Still not sure what this around the world race is all about?? Well, get the book! Read-up! It's the greatest story in the world (my opinion of course... *wink*)

Speak soon - Jennifer