Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!
Looking back on 2006 is an overwhelming endeavor. So I choose to do as most and look ahead to 2007 and make a few resolutions:
  • To be a better Blogger! I would like to follow suit of a new friend and fellow sailor Ed Furry of Sail22. Simply love reading about his adventures and he is a hoot to sail with!
  • Secure a few newsletter sponsors to maintain free subscription.
  • Finalize plans to head back to school and fulfill my dream of a Ph.D. by year's end.

Aside from a few lofty goals here is what the community has to look forward from SailTrim in the New Year:

  • 12 issues of my Newsletter! Sign Up Today!
  • Key West Race Week 2007 ~ keeping racers limber!
  • Seminars, Clinics and guest speaking (stay tuned to Blog for dates and locations)
  • Another session of virtual training (Post Key West)
  • On the race course and at a tent party near you (I considered my research proposal to be on the medical benefits of rum . . .hmmm)

This year I will improve on posting ahead of time events I plan to participate in. I have an open door policy and welcome inquires and questions (dockside, etc). A great deal of my motivation and inspiration has resulted from post racing discussions and chats at the tent party and is key to SailTrim being a resource to the community. Plus I simply love meeting people from around the world and learning from other points of view.

Cheers to all! I'll be practicing my blogger skills during the week of Key West!

Fair Winds ~ Jenn