Thursday, February 22, 2007

Light breezes, clear skies . . .

. . .a perfect day of rest for the crews. However; myself, team photographer, our web designer and skipper are busy catching up from a busy week of running about. We did have a lovely team breakfast (chef's day off too!) and a nice walk about town in the earlier hours before the southern sun's rays kicked in to high temps! In addition, a little bit of physiotherapy on our main trimmer who's lower back and hips where a bit achy after yesterday's longer session on the water . . .he is properly resting on the beach with girlfriend and our chef!

I have been pulling together excellent editorial for the March newsletter and should be a great read: both informative and entertaining, primarily due to the input our guys would like to add in from their experiences and having a professional photographer as a flat mate! They have great feedback for the community as a whole, from the perspective of a working professional who carries high aspirations in the competitive sailing scene . . . maintaining a few non-sailing life interest (oh family . . . under water basket weaving) and the balances in future preparation for such a top level sporting event. I think the readership will thoroughly enjoy!

For now . . .the team recovers from last night's regatta party at the Rag and Fammish (the oldest hotel in ALL of Australia) and plenty of sailing. Till tomorrow . . . . fair winds!

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