Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keep It Simple Sailor!

A theme for this year's Raising The Sail 420 Advanced Racing Clinic, hosted by Barnstable High School Sailing Boosters Club and joined with coaches Time Fallen and Tim Wadlow is "KISS."


The idea, to help the kids simplify their nutritional lifestyle and with sailing technique: tips on improving speed and efficiency on-the-water. With the guidance of the two "Tims", these kids have shown serious speed improvements after just one day. They also ask the best health and nutrition questions to date, with every sailor looking to "clean" and "simple" foods and beverages throughout the day. As a result, we got them through 7 awesome races in the afternoon, after a full morning of drills!

"Simple" to say, we are off to a great start to the weekend, though under overcast skies we've had perfect sailing conditions. Here's a semi-short video from the day's demonstrations, on-the-water warm-ups with more pictures posted later this evening. Tim Fallon and I have been with this clinic since it's inception three years ago. I have to say, it just gets better each year.

This year Tim Wadlow has joined the coaching team, bringing his 49er spunk and energy. It comes through in this video as he demonstrated to the kids how to STOP their 420 but did so by playing "chicken" with the pier they all stood on!! What a treat.

Photo Album From Day One: