Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's worse than a mosquito?

. . .a low flying helicopter! The last race of the JJ was quite eventful and the helicopter who caused a bit of the chaos: caught it all on film . . .a bit bitter sweet to say the least!

Oh, we had a rig break at the base on a mark rounding, broken bow sprits, a center board which lost a battle with a reef (the skiff was at top speed when the grounding occured!). . .hmmm a few other little boggles which lead to a steady stream of boats prematurely returning. Ahh . . and the weather. It was stink! The general feeling was at any moment, the skies would open up or the wind would go dead calm and than . . SLAP . . hard on . . and the damn shifts. It was a most interesting race.

Team GE . . . the photographer captured it best: ear to ear grins around the entire course. They ended on a fantastic note with a solid 15th out of a fleet of 32, did not break anything and no swimming. There is nothing better than ending a regatta with good, solid and clean race. (They are currently enjoying a nice cold beer as I type . . .which is apart of the SailTrim post race recovery plan!)

It's time to clean up and ready ourselves for, what I hear to be one excellent party at the 18footer league club house where I will rightfully hang my "SailTrim Hat" outside the door and enjoy an adult beverage with my team.

This was an amazing event and the folks who run the Double Bay Sailing Club . . .my hat's off! Thank you for the excellent race side accommodations, phenomenal pies and lovely tales of skiff sailing past. If I did not have reason to return to the Northern Hemisphere, I would have loved to stay and play a bit longer.

Fair Winds ~ Jenn

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