Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like a fishy . . .

. . .my boys went swimming early on in the race yesterday. It was bit of a somber day. This morning the guys were a bit "stiff" and requiring more physiotherapy (stretching and range of motion) over massage therapy with tight glutes, hamstrings and lower backs. I will do a little bit different program with them after they rig up the boat and head out, a more dynamic stretch/warm up session for about 8-10mins.

Otherwise, we are holding up, going to get them out earlier today for on the water warm up before race sequence . . . more food for the longer session on the water (our chef has been OUT OF THIS WORLD!) and hydration . . hydration . . hydration . . .it's like a game of chess ~ always stay three "sips" ahead.

We are on a lay day tomorrow from racing and will do a more comprehensive review of the week later tomorrow ~ fair winds and stay tunes!

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