Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good Times, Light Air and Limited Bruising!

I am freezing! SailTrim has returned to New England where the thermometer reads low 20s and there is snow on the ground. It's a far cry from Key West and Miami.

I would like to send a warm regards to the owners and crew of the Mumm 30 "Just Plain Nutz" whom I sailed with all week. It was an incredible experience sailing with new people, all with the same goal to sail our best and work from the back of the fleet to ending the event with a very nice second. Watch out Mumm folks . . . this was only their 3rd ever Mumm event! I look forward to watching them grow in the class.

The weather was perfect, nice breeze and flat water made for incredible sailing and limited bruising! Though I know that was not the case for all. The morning warm ups, despite the 35 plus folks who signed up did not work well for most with pre-race obligations, however for those who showed up and Sue (Melges 24 Sailor) who participated everyday . . . was a great success. My sincere gratitude to Premeire Racing for being game to try something new and different, stay tuned for Miami Race Week offerings . . . we'll be trying something different!

Next on the SailTrim agenda is Sydney, Australia where I will be training my skiff 18 team for the JJ Gittinan Championships.

The February newsletter will go out the evening of the 1st:
  • KWRW Overview
  • Lactade Threshold Training
  • Glucosamine Facts and Sailing Aches and Pains
  • Avoid Winter Time Blues in the North
  • Campaign Check-In "Where is Acadia?!?"

Fair Winds ~


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Key West Race Week 2007 ~ less than 4 days!

A year ago I was preparing for my first ever Key West Race Week. By the end of the week it was my goal to find a way to contribute to such a great event. Thank you to the folks of Premiere-Racing for making it all happen and I look forward to a week of great sailing, though most of all getting involved with my fellow sailors.

  • I will swing by the tent at 7:30am for anyone interested in a 30-40min "pre-weighin" run.
  • Please consume ~ 8-12oz of water prior to arriving!

Mon thru Fri:

  • Join me promptly at 7:00am for a group lead demonstration and practice of a dynamic warm up with information and suggestions to ease the post sailing aches and pains.
  • Please consume at least 8-12oz of water before arriving.
  • Session will end promptly at 7:30am (I am racing as well and respect boat call times)

I plan to attend the tent party every evening, please do not hesitate to ask additional questions, etc at this time or send me an email if you have capabilities while in town. I will do my best to address items at the sessions, however we will be short with time.

Currently (as of 1/11/2007 @ 8am) we have 25 folks signed up for the morning sessions! I am extremely impressed . . .

Fair Winds~