Sunday, October 29, 2006

Riding the wave

Thank you for all the wonderful responses from last week's Scuttlebutt insertion ~ my inbox will never be the same again!

Whether it's a project for work, training for an event or trying to figure out when and how you are going to get all your holiday shopping done; we all need a little motivation to give us that kick in the pants to preserve throughout it.

The hundreds of e-mails were one serious whollup in the pants!

What can SailTrim do to help the sailing community stay motivated in sticking to a healthy lifestyle? How can I help ignite that little flame of encouragement to "run the extra mile" and be just a little bit stronger? What drives you to succeed not matter what?

For SailTrim; every subscriber, everyone I have ever sailed with or along side, family, friends and the random person on the street (because I love chatting with random people). Oh yes and sailing . . .

As we sail into the holiday season and prepare to weather all the stresses and strains that come with the time, lets team up, ride the wave and come out in 2007 feeling healthy, strong and good.

Fair Winds~

Monday, October 09, 2006

Attack of The Oreo Cookie

"Someone please rescue me from the Oreos! ", this was a recent request I sent out to a friend via IM, when I was suppose to be editing a newsletter article. Allow me a moment to share with you the pros and cons to establishing a business that finds its home where-ever you set up your laptop and have a wireless connection. For example; while visiting with family, I have found the bench in their kitchen with its views of the Connecticut River Valley's foliage, a wonderfully productive local; easy access to tea pot, peaceful setting and Aunt's Oreo stash hangs next to the sugar I use for my tea . . .

Until the other day, it had been virtually years since I tasted that creamy filling. Just one, I thought, no harm in just one for prosperity. For every refill of tea, spoonful of sugar; I was haunted by the memories of sneaking Oreos from my Grandma's "treat stash". Hmm . . . "just one" . . .who was I kidding, thinking I could eat just one?! In short, I owe my Aunt a package of Oreos.

The take home message: We are all human and even the most disciplined of characters have their moment when they can't eat "just one". Had I not denied myself an Oreo for so many years, would I have eaten the whole package? Honestly, I do not know since I truly believe there is some secret ingredient in the creamy filling, making one day dream about eating one more after another.

On an educational standpoint; we all have an "Oreo Cookie" that haunts us. On occasion, we are going to give in and indulge and then feel guilty about it afterwards (or have a terrible stomach ache). It's how you handle that aftermath of guilt! In reality, should not feel guilty, except the human nature of it all, learn and move on.

I decided to re-locate the sugar while I continue my visit and find something inline with my diet plan to satisfying my sweet tooth while working long hours at the computer (sliced apples from a local farm stand and natural PB). The Oreos are no longer haunting me . . . next temptation will be the smell of fresh pumpkin pie; I head to central NY next month to holiday with mom . . .

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Building a Fit Sailing Community

Fair Winds~

I succeeded in my goal of posting my newsletter with in the first 3 days of the month. Ahh and there's even a second installment completed for mid-month distribution. . .though if someone wanted to sponsor it . . . there's still time.

My real goal is grander than getting my newsletter out ontime and finding sponsors; it's building a sailing community that works together to help each other out in achieving fitness, health and overall wellness goals. Whether you are a beer-can racer, weekend cruiser, amateur or professional sailor; I want to hear from all of you and so do the rest of the professionals working hard to make a mark in the industry specific to "Sailing Fitness".

I have an endless supply of topics to share and discuss, but the reality is I want to provide a platform for all of you to share and participate in. The more you contribute, the deeper we can go and the more useful the service will be for others in the community. The newsletters will keep showing up each month as long as there is an audience, however, topics of discussion that come in from the community will take precedence over my own.

Thank you for reading! Fair Winds ~