Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Days Till Volvo Ocean Race at Fan Pier Race Village Opens!

How to describe the scene today, three days out from the big opening...simple - crazy (in an organized sort of way.)

It's absolutely incredible how it all comes together. Massive containers are put together in a 3-D puzzle of sorts, creating offices, work spaces, gourmet kitchens, sail lofts, etc. Watching 18-wheelers negotiate around a maze of pavilions, people, fencing, more containers, parked cars, port-a-potties...very talented puppeteers making it all fit together. All donning little blue Volvo hard hats mind you.

Being stuck behind a lap top today feels like the safest and most effective place to be, unless I was signed off to drive fork-lift (which secretly I'd really like to do!) Looking out the window from my post has the Ericsson Shoreside/Wet Area being built and Telefonica is getting ready to go up RIGHT next to our trailers.




Familiar faces are showing up by the droves and though it appears to be nutty on the outside, feedback from all parties moving in have said it's been the easiest set-up compared to others. Yahoo! Score one for Boston.

Later in the day, weather changes but work carries on!



Rain has set in for the day and work as significantly slowed. It's impressive the amount of work which occurs here. How I navigated around the village this morning has completely changed this afternoon. As has the office view!


Counting down...

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