Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On The Hard!

Remember back to an image I posted of an empty parking lot? How far we've come and now all the teams are safely here in Boston.


We've been receiving some lovely feedback on the Race Village layout, though you have to come down to experience for yourself. Exhibits, access to viewing the boats and being on the water are tightly packed: it's nice.


Yesterday the main attraction was hauling out the Green Dragon, who received a lot of extra care from our Premiere Racing crew. The Green Dragon sincerely represents the event's moto, the real deal, talented individuals who are fighting their way around the world while the financial strain likely makes sailing in the Southern Ocean a walk in the park.


Mind you, every boat is treated with the utmost care, however with the lovely Dragon, a mistake could prevent them from making it home May 16th. There is no room for error. Not every team can just replace a broken part.


Therefore, additional thank you's to the Newport Shipyard elite team who worked through lunch two days in a row to ensure all the boats where out and on the hard in a timely fashion. The Dragon is now safely on her cradle with the rest and work is underway.



It's impressive walking amongst these exotic looking boats. I can only imagine what people walking along the Harbor Walk think of it all. Sometimes wonder what it would be like, walking along on my lunch break with a "beginner's mind" and no knowledge of sailing or this event. To experience the "WOW-factor" again.


These boats are simply cool. The people behind the boats, they still wow me to now end.


I've rambled on a bit here, in part from coming off the high of this past weekend, lack of sleep and seriously not eating to "SailTrim standards" - grrr!

I do have a favorite shot from yesterday, a simple picture of a Dragon Crew up the rig waiting for the crane to secure the rig for removal with a little Boston in the background...


Come on down and visit us! Cheers

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