Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening Day a Huge Success at Fan Pier

It was hot and beautiful. Hard to believe it's late April and not mid-July, was a beautiful day.


Puma City was a massive hit. Word on the street was all smiles as it appeared virtually everyone left with bright red Puma bags full of swag.


The gorgeous schooner "Meteor" arrived mid-afternoon, testing out the never been used mooring system off Fan Pier's new pontoons. She exhibited excellent use of her bow and stern thrusters!


My night is coming to a close, however the Race Village will rock it out till mid-night with live entertainment.


I spoke with guest, volunteers, Volvo Event management and Joe Fallen's wife; the unanimous responce was excellent. From the Volvo folks themselves, they believe this stop-over will go down as one of the best. Their reasons ranged from location, how nicely laid out the race village is, easy access for the public and the list goes on accompanied with smiles.

Now ofcourse, my opinion is slightly biased but swear MacBook...I did not hear a single complaint today. Who can when the port-a-potties are nicer than most peoples' own Master Bath!

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