Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday

It may have been a formal holiday here in Boston, it was far from at the Fan Pier Site for the Volvo Ocean Race. I've never seen so many tractor-trailers in one little parking lot. Sadly, was on my own mission and not with camera in hand when there had to be maybe 10 rigs milling about. We are down to the last two as I type this.

In the mean time, weather has turned cold and breezy, had a sudden break in my own running around and afforded a short video tour of the village five days out:

I've been able to add a few photos everyday as well...

It may not look it in the video or photos, but to be honest SO MUCH has been completed and the major work done, onto the finishing bits. The marketing and public relations teams hired by the Fallon Company have moved on-site to tackle the visuals while the Premiere Racing folks are getting things sorted with boats being delivered, organizing the shipping and receiving of all these containers we had delivered and random construction, misc. items which support the syndicates and Volvo Event Management. For example, I've become the queen of getting keys made for all the portable offices the last two days. Ahh!

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