Monday, April 13, 2009

Visual Bites From Boston

Just getting underway with my first "big" project of walking about taking pictures of all the docking options we have to support visual aids (i.e. printed documents to help support crews, volunteers, yadda yadda)...I love it! In the process I've learned how they install a massive piling, how they mark-up the site for folks coming in to construct the pavilions (Ericsson just began theirs today)and what's in walking distance.

Aside from Fan Pier Marina, which will be home to the primary event boats (i.e. VO70s, team tenders, etc.) we have a number of other locations designated for boats associated with the event. This has me touring the piers between Fan Pier and the Aquarium. From the race village there is A LOT to do and see (never mind eat, drink, buy, etc.)

With this, started up a Flickr Set:

It's FREEZING OUT (don't let the sun fool you) but grabbing a few more layers and off to finish the project.


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