Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VOR Interns Rock!

We have a team of college interns working long hours doing thankless work but always with a smile on their faces. Evan Saunders, our Facebook Page and Volunteer Coordinator is also working for Fan Pier, sneaking off during his tiny breaks to photograph the site's progress and deserves some proper street cred for doing so!

In the last 24 hours there's been a sudden "burst" of activity with massive shipments arriving. The VOR folks are on-site, the Volvo Pavilion has come a long way with Ericsson taking more shape. Puma is onto "finishing work" while other structures are yet to be determined. One has to keep looking at the spec sheet to be, "hmmm..so that goes there?!?!" It's a massive puzzle.

Dianne Quart and Herb Reese, both Premiere Racing veterans are silly busy with on-the-water prep work - example: soundings in key areas to prevent any "hidden surprises" for our visiting VO70s. These guys come off-the-water reminding us Spring may look to be here but feels like Winter on-the-water. They are dedicated volunteers!

I've been walking about photographing all the marinas and dock areas we have available to us, will be supporting all the social media efforts (which is another description for web-based public relations i.e. Facebook, twittering, blogging, etc.) and many things yet to be defined at this time.

It's pretty cool to see it "grow" verse showing up and it's all perfectly set and complete. There's a definite feeling of appreciation for the work put into this, granted there was before, however when you watch a team of guys pulling on a line that looks to be supporting this MASSIVE structure while another guy is up in the crane-like bit securing the bolts which will keeping it standing up right...

That's purely the physical prep for all this. It's a race in and of itself. Truly a "circus affair" and another extreme nature to having the Volvo Ocean Race be the event that it is. Trying to imagine what the stop-overs where like before all this technology and innovative thinking came to be.

On that note...think I'll walk around the site before our noon-time briefing.

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