Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sun Is Out In Boston

The energy is building here in Boston and there are a lot of familiar faces from time spent in Alicante, and other sailing events. One interesting conversation was with the logistics manager of Puma Ocean Racing, as we joked about, "do YOU still know how to sail?!?" There is so much going into this global circus and knowing the sport of sailing is a crucial aspect to pulling it off.

From the stop-over management to actually sailing in the race, there has to be someone at each level with at least some understanding of the sport. However, the efforts each must exert to do their job to the highest standard possible does not actually include sailing (unless you are one of the official crew.) So we had a moment, with a little chuckle and asked the other, "when was the last time you went sailing? do you still know how?!?"

Insert long pause...

"It's been awhile," each responds to the other.

Then we look around and take in the scene filled with amazing people. The impressiveness of the "rising city" and so we've not really sailed much but would not have changed the choices made to be right here. Being here is an incredible opportunity and happy for the people and choices made to be in the middle of it all.

Each days progress is a reward and here are some pictures representing today's:

Photo: Ericsson Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Telefonica Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Puma Wet-Base being set-up/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

Photo: Volunteers hanging up banners along Harbor Walk/Jennifer Langille/Premiere Racing

I post's already out-of-date as things change here by the hour!

To be continued...

P.S. Added photos to flickr account...

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