Monday, November 17, 2008

A Decision Has Been Made

The weather has made a change here in New England, sadly to a cooler temp, and change is brewing in the future of VOR leg two.

Puma made a decision, which appears to have them on a course set to cross paths with the Telefonica bloys (blue and black.) Is everyone going for the "scoring line" at 58DegE? Way to early, but what fun it is to think and ponder...

Green Dragon and the "Ericsson Brothers" seem clear in their path, but looking at the weather, will be curious to see how the "high road" boys do compared to the "low and cold", less distance but if the weather report I am looking at is on the mark...

Then there is Delta Lloyd...made a move in "our" night. Here's what Matt has to say:

Last night there was an opportunity to make an aggressive tactical call. I would have preferred to be positioned to the south side (right) of the fleet, but it was a risky call. The move would have involved tacking away from boats within sight of us—all sailing on our same tack. So, instead we played a conservative card to stay with the boats alongside. This fit our pre-race plan, to sail with other boats for some bench-mark testing, but it worked against my maverick streak. I was sure that tacking and moving into the westerly position was the correct move. What to do? Go for the kill or stay with the fleet and test? Read on...

Keeping on the theme of "Decisions Made" all the various "bits" on the ISAF choice to NOT go with the 29erXX and stick with the 470...ugh.

I'm sorry ladies! Mrs. Jen Morgon Glass made an excellent point on the Scuttlebutt this morning:

"Lady sailors, let's vote by sailing. The 29erXX will join the 49er at their
World Championship July 12-19th on Lake Garda, Italy. The class is now sponsored
by Seiko and the event promises to be amazing. Come and join us!"

Thinking... Lake Garda is my favorite place in the world, the VOR will be over and plan to be out that way for the 18 footer World Championships...could July 2009 be month of the "Skiff"... here on BoatBites... it will be!

Lake Garda, Looking South from above Campione, taken early morning.

Lake Garda Italy offers up some the of best sailing, hospitality and fantastic espresso!!!

Those are the "Bites" for Monday... till tomorrow...

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