Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tasty Tuesday

Today's "bites" show the VOR Boys are still in two groups but all heading for the same "line", which on the screen looks to the eye like a finish, but we know, far from it...

However, the last night could have been a finish for the Puma folks:

"Last night sucked. OR it was great……if you are a boat builder or a sailmaker looking for work. Yikes. The proverbial "you know what" hit the fan when we got about as vertical in a sailboat as you ever want to be going down a big dark wave that sort of snuck up on us."

The rest of Kenny's email will have you on the edge of your seat...

The Vendee folks have a little bit off everything and as they sneak closer to the "center of the earth", we'll have flash backs of the VOR counterparts just weeks earlier...

The most nerve wracking news is from the VOR folks as the teams play in the Southern Ocean, making way to their scoring "line" before heading up for India. Amongst VOR fans there is daily chatter about the VOR's website, the media coverage or lack there of. The Ararchy East Coast editor had a chat with Knut Frostad (CEO) about the race. Worth a read through, Knut does explain the why's to a few things concerning the site but not-so-much.

One can respect the "gaps in technological understanding" from country-to-country and how HD may not even be available for all, meaning the HD video is useless to them. Or the hope to have something in place for the beginning but "will be" in two months. It is all one big learning experience. I think we all get that.

It still pains me to work with the site...but keeping faith it will get better and better but it's not the media coverage that pains me, it's basic "web site design" stuff...just hate it when one gets lost after they navigate from the home page. The "web glitz" to make it pretty...ok ok...I'll go get another cup of coffee and get on with my day.


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