Sunday, November 16, 2008

Offshore Nibbles

"It's all gone so quickly...I've completely lost track of time...So we're Sunday today, are we? For me there are no more days or weeks.. The days simply tick by with the arrival of each new weather chart and the scheds." ~ Yann Eliès (Générali)

From Vendee:

Inside, outside? Through the middle or around them? To the east or west?

The Cape Verde islands block the route to the Equator and whilst it will be this afternoon that the strategic choice is revealed, the decision will have been ruminated upon for a while, based on experience, the latest weather charts, and even the punishment inflicted upon Marc Guillemot in the Canaries.

Getting stuck for hours on end more than 100 kilometres from an island that is only 3200 m in altitude, while the trade wind was blowing above twenty knots, Safran just proves that the disturbed patterns in the wind shadow can stretch out a long way leeward of the island.

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I still fancy the Vendee tracker of the VOR's but in general what fun it is to have all these screens open tracking little triangles dance around the globe!

Cape Town: Offshore Haven

It has been a thrilling day in Cape Town as first Beluga Racer took line honours to win Leg 1 of the Portimão Global Ocean Race, followed three hours later by Desafio Cabo de Hornos. ~ Portimao Global Ocean Race

It's about to turn cold again, here in the Northeast (we've been spoiled with warmth.)

But the frost-bite sailing has commenced and there is a pumpkin pie fresh from the oven, taunting my are the two related? They are aren't, except a warm piece of pie after Sunday frost-biting rocks!

That will be all the biting and nibbling for this weekend!

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