Friday, October 17, 2008

A Story Worth Following

Sitting at the laptop all cozied up in a cashmere sweater, puppy at feet and just finished some fresh made tuna salad being washed down with some warm tea. The foliage here in Connecticut is lovely, sun out and the smell of holidays to come seeping in from the outside.

Taking a moment to appreciate the comfort. The VOR "boys", all 88 of them have not showered in a week, no cozy cashmere to wrap up in and pretty sure there is nothing fresh about their meals. Having settled back into the home office, processing the material from Alicante, no time to note local news when the inbox brims with Volvo reports and team emails direct from the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo: Gerd-Jan Poortman and Stu Molloy enjoying some freeze-dried fare, photo taken by Sander Pluijm, media crew of Team Delta Lloyd for Volvo Ocean Race

Frankly, what is more important than the Volvo right now...oh yes, there is a presidential election, crashing economy and the Red Sox pulled another miracle.

So maybe in America there are potentially more important things to follow than the story of 88 men from at least ten different countries, sailing on eight different boats, representing six unique teams who each represent one country but crew representing nations that have come together to achieve one very simple goal: be the first around the world.

Photo: Telefonica Blue after a 12 hour pit stop for repairs, taken by Dave Kneale for Volvo Ocean Race


What is the glory in sailing around the world?

What is the value in men from all over this world coming together?

Why do big named companies like Ericsson, Puma, Delta Lloyd, Telefonica/Movistar invest millions into a yacht race that will visit ten different countries over the course of nine months?

The Story.

It is the ultimate living tale of adventure and simply taking on the challenge speaks highly on the character of the sailors and the companies that back them. One can not invest into something which may have disastrous ending if the story of trying was not greater than the end result. This living tale is not for the faint of heart.

So we all sit at the comforts of heated offices or air conditioned homes with fresh food, a hot shower and clothes fresh from the laundry: sipping on "just ground" coffee and reading the latest presidential candidate poles and pondering if the Sox can pull this off again...take a break from the comfort.

A challenge: dive into a real story of real men taking on a real challenge that lacks all the comforts, but the story will inspire one to work more collaboratively with their neighbor, appreciate what luxuries they have in a time when having something new may await a better economic affair. Political views are simple and environmental appreciation at a high. Especially in a world where Mother Nature determines the day's success.

Follow the story of the Volvo Ocean's worth the break from the grim news of everyday struggles.


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