Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Future of Volvo Ocean Race Announced!

Fresh from the Press Conference:

Leif Johansson (President and CEO of Volvo Group) and Knut Frostad (CEO of Volvo Ocean Race) addressed current syndicates, skippers and members of the press with good news of Volvo's continued interest in the future growth of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Key Points:

The running of next race: Late summer - early Fall 2011.

The race will continue with the Open V70 and version three of the rule will be announced in July 2009.

Preliminary NOR will come out around August 2009

Final route/course in March of 2010

Final NOR April 2010

The timing of the announcement was to encourage forward movement in planning for race organization, current and potential new syndicates. The feedback from current syndicates and teams has been tremendously positive. This has lead to the organization and invitation of key people to witness the start this coming weekend, where the organizers have arranged a seminar on the Sunday following the start to further educate potential new participants.

As an avid fan of the event, extremely excited to already be thinking about the next event, even though this one has not left port!

More information on planning, budding new relationships and responses should trickle out through the day.

Full report from Volvo


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