Monday, November 03, 2008

It's That Time Of Year Again

This is about the time when I really start looking ahead to Key West Race Week, planning the final details in travel for family festivities with a mix of dread and anticipation for the Holiday fixings.

The VOR Boys will be on their way to India, cursing their pre-processed fare with each wave as Americans start preparing the ingredients for Thanksgiving delights.

Freeze-dried Turkey, stuffing and sweet no no

However, for those sailors not doing the VOR, are tucked away in their North American homes or celebrating with friends, family in foreign lands remember some of the tried and true SailTrim Tactics in surviving the holidays.

This year may prove to be more challenging financially, adding more stress than the already existing "holiday weight" of meeting end of year deadlines, the increase road traffic and increase in name a few.

We have the Volvo and the Vendee Globe to keep it real, distract us from a bad day in the office and entertain us when we need a little dose of procrastination, giving the "head" a mental break for the day's pressures.

If it really gets bad, take a D E E P breathe, a nice E X H A L E and have a drink (of water!!)

The holidays can be much but they go by quick.
Not as fast as Erisson 4, new 24 hours record holders, though quick enough.

Photo Credits: Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race


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