Saturday, October 04, 2008

First In-port Race of Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09

It was a stellar day for the Volvo 2008-09's first in-port race, six to go. Telefonica Blue (Spanish Team) took home glass, winning both races of the day. The second race was fantastic with Puma taking an early lead, holding Telefonica Blue at bay, but the "home port" team prevailed. Was lovely racing by both teams!

The following is my best pics from the day. Scored a nice ride with the best Spanish captain...third time's a charm (last two outings were dreadful!)He had our boat well positioned, which was great for me: my little Canon G9 only has so much range. The pros on the boat where ear-to-ear with smiles.

Volvo Ocean Race Event Page

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Pro-Am races tomorrow and will stay ashore to work on a few pieces for next week. Sign up for Sailing World e-Newsletters to receive longer written reports from VOR 2008-09. This coming week there should be a feature from Jonathan McKee on the In-port race, my write from an interview with the creators of the VOR Virtual Game.

Of course, please stay tuned to the Volvo home site. The people behind this race are a fantastic bunch and really passionate about the event!

I start work with Team Delta Lloyd tomorrow and will begin posting some of tricks on getting a team ready nutritionally "on the fly"...totally on the in one week! It is really possible, not perfect, but possible to send them off a little bit better than if nothing at all. When we can, I'll add in physiotherapy and work with their coach to ensure Leg 1's meal program is as spot as as we can make it.

Nothing like a good challenge!

Stay tuned!


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