Saturday, June 13, 2009

Volvo Ocean Race Pit Stop in Marstrand Sweden

Sitting in the Volvo Ocean Race media center which is housed inside a fort! The fort is named Sodra Strandverkt and yet to have a conversation which provides a bit more history into the building. It's a hoot to be inside and over my should a lovely view out onto the water where 49rs have been sailing much of the day.

Well, has been a long journey to get here, horrid weather but lovely people. I enjoy Sweden, rain and all. The time here is split between Gothenburg and the island of Marstrand with the weather bit of a hindrance for getting about comfortably (one could have used a mask and snorkel the last few days), however have begun the photographic journal to peak through:

Volvo Ocean Race at Marstrand Sweden 2009 - Images by Jennifer Langille

My time in Marstrand feels all too short as we leave for Stockholm late in the day Sunday and I nearly got here on Thursday. Though much has happened in a short period of time. I've been scooped up by Dakini Books since arriving and onward with bit of a project to put my "professional social butterfly skills" to constructive use. Going forward there will be a lot of news and information on the Volvo Ocean Race Book "Spanish Castle To White Night."

A book, which I've now had the pleasure of reviewing the first five chapters, is beautiful. The words of Mark Chisnell and the photographic images are well chosen. It's a project I'm quite proud to be apart of. We have just launched our Face Book Fan Page and the book is available for pre-order, expecting an October distribution date. All parts are running on schedule.

More to come...

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