Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spectacular Sprint To Stockholm

A half million people?!?! Maybe not in the photo below. A shot of those gathered around the large screens displaying live footage of the Sprint race from Sandham to Stockholm. However, when they tallied Race Village attendance, on-the-water spectators and those who lined the shores for a glimpse of these impressive boats; it was figured, a half million all right!

Getting around was bit of a task! Taking pictures, nearly impossible. Trying to do both while enjoying a hot cup of tea- not advisable! Though, I did manage and while waiting for the fleet to come into shore-side viewing distance, battled the people and enjoyed the scene.

Shore-side spectators enjoyed live commentary (this impressive stage is perched on a floating barge!)

The mini-Puma City is also sticking to a floating theme, in fact, many elements of the Race Village are built on-top of barges. Including Ericsson and Telefonica Wet-base areas.

Eventually, the call came and the cattle drive to all viewable points commenced! Thank goodness for a "backstage pass" and a quiet perch away from the crowds to watch the "on-the-water-circus" arrive into town. For the crowds who lined the shore, it was a "tippy-toe" affair to catch a glimpse of it all.

Ericsson 3 made a perfect show of winning the Sprint and initiated a crowd response one surely must of heard all the way back to Sandham!

Later in the day Magnus and crew attempted a "rocket" number, though their high leg kicks could use some work! No matter, it was wonderful to see and feel his enthusiasm for their Second place finish during the Prize Giving. He has the most impressive smile, even when buried deep in the crowd spectating.

It was truly a spectacular day in Stockholm. We are currently experiencing some less then lovely weather but spirits are high. Everyone seems a bit more rested. All are excited to know Telefonica Blue are on their way and preparations and details getting sorted for Sunday's in port race. After having a hand in the on-the-water logistics and dealing with "spectator exclusion zones," then witnessing the madness of both the arrivals and Sprint Race. I believe the team(s), logisitcs and sailing, will have their work cut out for them!

There's been a break in the rain, time to get out of this media center!!!

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