Saturday, June 20, 2009

Award For Perseverance: Telefonica Blue Take The Cake!

Yesterday, we all waited patiently as the Telefonica media gals shared reports of Telefonica Blue's progress to all in the media center. Generally, everyone wanted to ensure they had a proper greeting at the docks. Regardless of the incident and the opinions of those at home watching, who's not hit a "rock" in their life? Whether that be literally or metaphorically.

So they landed on the rocks, who cares, it's how they got themselves off the darn thing, pieced the boat back together, which honestly should have been destroyed, and sailed on to Stockholm. Here they are, showing true perseverance and setting an amazing example to anyone who's had something drastic occur and how not to let it stand in your way.

It's really quite impressive how mangled the keel bulb was and in such short time they made it right (at least as right as they could - looking at it you'd never know!)

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