Thursday, May 07, 2009

Time To Learn Spanish: Volvo Ocean Race Moves To Alicante Spain

Just announced in a press conference held at Fan Pier Boston, the future of the Volvo Ocean Race:

Thursday 7 May 2009 16:00 GMT

The Volvo Ocean Race is to move its headquarters from the south coast of England to Alicante, Spain. The Mediterranean city will become both the start port and the home of the race for the next three editions.

The announcement was made at a press conference today in Boston after the signing of an agreement between the Volvo Ocean Race and the Spanish regional government of Valencia.

This is a great moment for the Volvo Ocean Race,” Knut Frostad, the race CEO said in revealing details of the alliance. “One of our goals, as we’ve looked ahead to the next race, has been to establish long-term relationships with our stopover ports, and, for economic reasons, to base our headquarters in one of the stopover ports. But this only makes sense when both parties can make a long-term commitment. And that’s the partnership we are announcing today with Alicante.

“Spain has played a significant part in recent editions of the race. Spanish sailors outnumber all other nations in the current competition and Spain has shown consistently that it understands event culture, and how to organise sporting competition.”

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Photo: Alicante Spain as viewed from the Wet Team Base/Jennifer Langille

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