Friday, May 08, 2009

Baseball Caps For Hard Hats

One of the highlights to this Volvo Ocean Race experience is the random trip "next door." This entire site is actually a construction zone and behind us a "work-in-progress" which will eventually be a snazzy office high-rise.


What's enjoyable about these trips are the unique perspectives it provides from taking an aerial photo of the village, expansive views of Boston Harbor to providing big open space to measure massive Volvo Open 70 sails.




Today it was quite interesting to follow a few Puma and Telefonica folks up to the fourth floor where the guys cleared out nearly an entire floor for them to safely lay out their crisp new sails. I asked the guys if they'd had to wear hard hats yet and the answer was,"No," but they have measured sails in some interesting places.


The funny thing about a hard hat; it looks silly, does not stay on very well but when you are behind the lens walking about and don't see the electrical outlet weighted by a block of concrete and hanging randomly from the ceiling - it works!

The whack in the head changed my perspective once again as I thought about switching my eye to artistic over photojournalistic...



I was quite impressed with the space and having these sails fill it up!

It was quick and onward to the practice race, which is currently done with and first word from the "man" was it wasn't horrible! Hey, that is why there is a practice race. It's not just for the sailors but also for the team of volunteers to get their groove on. Stayed shore-side so sad to say no photos, do have a dock shot that eludes one to think they teams were leaving for the real deal!


The radio is chirping, boys are heading in...hope the crowds on the Harbor Walk make them feel like they are coming in from the real deal!

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