Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Design Bite

There's quite the entertaining thread going on in one of the sailing forums regarding One Design Weigh-ins in response to a reader article on the topic.

The OD weigh-in dilemma has been beaten-to-death by SailTrim (me) over the last few years and to be quite frank, really tired of engaging conversations at KWRW, etc., with hefty guys who's overall health could benefit from investing in their own weight management. So for all those unhealthy, over-weight sailors who demand their healthy and fit crew be the ones to lose, check-out this link and consider the benefits to YOU for taking the initiative to be more fit. Imagine how much your sailing will improve. Furthermore, your crew won't starve themselves and be hydrated more often then not.
Well fed, hydrated, and fit crew sail fast! (They also have more fun, better attitudes and work harder even if they aren't the best sailor...they are the best crew ~ cheers)

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