Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taste The Potato Please

Since weight management is on my mind today and recently had a mini debate with a family memeber on the bad rap potatoes have acquired, an ode to the old spud!

When the "stay away from all things white or lacking color" craze came into play and the "carbohydrates are bad" fad diets hit mainstream, potatoes have been kicked to the curb. It's too bad, they are full of nutrients and prepared mindfully: an excellent dish for sailors, especially during an event.

A few article links outlining their health benefits:
Now, yummy alternative recipes for our favorite ways to eat the famous spud:
Finally, three publications I enjoy reading and each providing great recipe ideas and useful "realistic" tips for clean eats:
Well...I'm craving some mashed potatoes which I make with skins on, skim milk, Smart Balance, cracked pepper and sea salt ~ YUM! There is no reason potatoes can't be apart of a healthy one-design plan ~ cheers!

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