Saturday, January 10, 2009

Virtual Date With VOR In Port Race

It's Friday night (correction, Saturday morning), should be out doing something other than huddling around two laptops in hope of catching the VOR Singapore In-port race. Technology can be such a massive tease, can't resist the idea of live online yacht racing. Maybe I should have taken my chances with a human companion!

On-the-flip, a quick check in with Telefonica PR peeps reassured there was breeze, a ridiculously tiny race course (which is scary for a VO70 in breeze) and the boys out for a win.

Armed with a PC on one side, the Macbook on the other have carried on with this virtual date. Macbook is delivering the audio commentary on Safari (would not run on FireFox) and video is hit or miss, mostly a miss. Ha, the PC has just crapped out ~ go Mac!

I greatly appreciate VOR's attempt to deliver live commentary thought to be honest, really have to understand and know what the hell they are talking about! Granted, not sure a non-sailor would be doing as I this moment, even if they were curious, I don't think they'd find this is as cool.

I've not been able to get reliable video stream, audio is coming through really clear and I can use my imagination to visualize. The video, when it was coming through was not much more than shots of the guys scampering about the deck.

Puma has won the first race, I am calling it a night, and by the time people scope out this post results will be posted on who took home the coveted points. One last screen shot of my "Friday Night Virtual VOR Date" with Puma the tiny speck to the upper right corner just tearing it up and keeping Eric 4 in their place.

There was the occasional aerial, revealing the massive number of tankers in the background ~ hence the tiny race course.

Well folks, it was fun trying and look forward to waking up, reading the VOR reports after my proper cup of coffee and trying out a Belgium Waffle recipe fit for any one-design racer!

Lovely weekend to all ~ night.

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