Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vendee Is A Blast To Follow

It was a rocky start to the 2008 Vendee Globe, but they have me eating words. Their website, tracking and daily "boat news" has my complete attention over the Volvo layout. I say that cautiously, sincere admiration for the people behind the Volvo media. Though, I'm sorry guys and gals, it pains me to use the site.

The VOR tracking, for the amount of time it takes to load has nothing on the Vendee's tracking:

I love this tracking for one key reason: weather overlay! You can zoom in and out, track your favorite teams (mine are BT, Safran and Roxy.)Pair this with their short news reels on the main site, which are well written and mixed with commentary and short emails from the boats. Would video and more photos be cool, of course. However, no media crew on this program! One of the impressive traits for a Vendee/Barcelona Race Team: ulitimate "Jacks" and "Janes."

These solo sailors are quite the personality!

Ok, well...this time next week there will be plenty of reading to do from the VOR and Vendee and will spend less time watching the latest 6PM news clip explaining the state of our troubled economy.


malbonster said...

Sure, it's better than VOR and there's a ton of content but I have to say I find the constant swapping between English and French doesn't *quite* work. Loving the tracker though and there is a LOT of constantly updated content at the site - so maybe I've just got unrealistic expectations. I wrote about it at the site I'm running for my brother Jonny during the race:

"LBJ" said...

Wasn't able to dive into work this morning, having such a lovely read over your brother's blog! Thank you for posting.

I think that I've been so frustrated over the VOR's site, the Vendee Site, as a result reads better.

I've bookmarked and looking forward to following your brother's story.