Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Debth Of Field

I always find it a treat when Amory Ross is on location, look forward to what shot this constantly improving artist will turn up next. I pity anyone who has shunned an eye to this guy, taking on the more "known name" or whoever will "shoot for less" because one of these days we will be lucky to afford an "Amory Ross" or fit into his crazy calendar of events!

His blog post speaks somberly of Valencia, Spain, home to the once grand yacht race known as the America's Cup and host to last weekend's CNEV Annual Regatta. However, the depth and diversity in his shots bring light and hope to all who fancy these majestic yachts underway.

It was lovely to see the boats afloat and lining up. The sailors dusting off the cobwebs and maneuvering about. Till the next time...enjoy Amory's gallery!

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