Friday, November 02, 2007

Weather the Holiday

Brrr...when fall decides to kick in here in New England it seems to skip from warm to cold without much of a transition period. My "co-worker" (soon to be 4 yr old Vizsla named Fayston) did not enjoy the prickle of cold earth under her paws, nor I the clear need of an extra layer during our morning walk.

We kept to our plan and enjoyed the sunny spots, which compared to a week ago have increased with the disappearing foliage. I am missing out on this year's frostbiting season, however, do have them in mind with the colder weather approaching, the new level of obligations mounting on the "To-Dos" and the marathon of holidays approaching faster than a powered up skiff!

Returning to the "office", reviewed what topics were on readers minds a year ago. The stresses of the holiday season and managing a healthy lifestyle amongst all the chaos of year end deadlines, social obligations and the actual holidays themselves took top rank. I am not a parent yet and have huge respects for my sailing and non-sailing peeps who weather this time of year like a Vendee Globe sailor heading into the Southern Ocean and dedicate this blog to them. I've managed the rat race, however, they've taught me some really great tricks even the child-free person can appreciate.

So here are SailTrim's 2007 Tips and Tricks For November where Turkey and pies reign but Jingle Bells will be playing in malls nation wide before the Turkey makes it to the oven!

Be selfish at least once a day! It's ok to not answer the phone, txt message or email, that's what voicemail and inboxes are for. During busy times invest in the things which matter most. My father will be found watching football in his Cape Dory which is parked conveniently next to the house outfitted with both cable and wifi!

Take a bite of pie! You don't have to eat the whole pie, but denying self something greatly enjoyed tends to lead someone to feeling cheated and more likely to over indulge next go around. I've found having a healthy snack before a party helps curb the appetite and less inclined to over eat the items I know will make sticking to the winter sailing program a challenge.

Let it out! Hmm what could this mean...if feeling overwhelmed and stress by something at work or home, try not to hold it in, let it out whether by discussing with colleague, spouse or friend and work on action and solution. It's so easy to invest way too much time and energy brooding. Exercise and physical activity is another great way to manage the stresses of the season and though for many the first thing to go is the gym: a daily walk, ride or run for half the usual time is better than not at all.

For many, sailing goes on a bit of a hiatus while boats have been hauled and tucked away for the winter (unless you are my dad who's idea of "winterize" has the boat fully geared up for an eskimo next to the house!). So, though there is not much "sailing" going on we can still embrace our sailor ways and weather the holidays with a little trim or ease and the occasional reef.

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