Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Not Fair

My heart goes out to Alex Thomson...

“I am gutted, absolutely gutted. To have put everything into this for the last four years, and battling to get away like we had to do, this just feels so unjust.” ~ Alex Thomson on his necessary retirement from the Vendee Globe

The full article, please read.

It's the nature of the "game" but one of the impressive traits of men and women on a quest, they don't give up. Alex, here's to 2012 and will we see you in the Barcelona World Race Again?

In following "sports" it's fun to have a few favorites, a team to cheer for and wear their "colors", but with these offshore sailing events I find it hard to stick to one because they ALL impress and deserve the shore-side (web-side) cheerleaders. The struggle, if you choose all to be your fav on the tracker, unless you zoom, it becomes one big triangle cluster...bugger.

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